Think Tanks (PC Game) - Gameplay -

Think Tanks (PC Game) – Gameplay

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Think Tanks (PC Game) – Gameplay


  1. I used to love this game.  I wonder if there is anybody online these days.

  2. YES! finally i found what i play really old

  3. Всегда хотел пересечь тот белый туман и попасть на те островки земли. ностальгия(

  4. Does anyone remember the website where that game was hosted at, then got shut down along with their other games?

  5. just re bought this game cause i was feeling nostalgic , was a little disappointed ,when i found out you can just get it for free with the patch,but regardless do any of you still play , i'd love to get back in the saddle , haven't played since around 2005-or 6 i think

  6. I remember playing this game constantly as a little kid.

  7. When i was little my dad installed this game for me and i was playing all the day but now my pc is broken so i'm very sad

  8. I remember playing this everyday after school when I was a kid. I miss the good ol' days of being in the BMT clan and being friends with our allies like the RT clan and racing with those hovering ufo's. It was the first and only game where I made friends. I miss them.

  9. I remember when so many people used to play this game. And this music makes it even more nostalgic. Makes me wish I was a kid all over again.

  10. If anybody is interested in playing, you can purchase the full game on Shockwave for a mere $6.99. Once you've done that, visit http://WWW.PLANETTHINKTANKS2.COM for the files you'll need to be able to play online with other players.

  11. Matt-Ectl-Xp- also know as Matt.. Never forget this iconic game.
    Once an RT, Always an RT.

  12. Ohmegersh the nostalgia… I used to mod the bananas outof this game. Even modified the fog damage so that I could cross safely to the other islands!! 😀

  13. After all this time i finally found this game. Soo good memories

  14. Dieses Spiel hab ich früher gesuchtet <3. Jetzt ist es World of Tanks aber think Tanks muss ich einfach mal wieder spielen 😀

  15. I remember that annoying hum bot. I used to always kill him though whenever I encountered him

  16. I remember playing this game. But it was only the demo

  17. I finally found the name of this amazing game. Good memories.

  18. Me: Mom, can we have World of Tanks?
    Mom: No, we have World of Tanks at home
    World of Tanks at home:

  19. This game had the best community. I started playing it at age 11-12. Time flies and I miss this greatly.
    Forgot to mention this game was my introduction into online communities and even with my broken english I was accepted.

  20. holy shit i played this game so much when I was 5 or 6

  21. I used to make mods for this when I was like 13. Good times man.

  22. Can you still download this game somehow, gosh I miss this one so much!

  23. god this took a while to find in google, used to love this game

  24. guys there was a game out there where you could fly a little blue-ish dragon and build tanks with it. ive been looking for years but i simply cant remember the name.

    You could pick up tank parts an place them upon each other like treads, hull, cannon

    Help me end this endless search!


  26. Remember this game. One of few games i really enjoyed. Liked the "tank duels" between the players.

    I used to be quite good, and often have the highest amount of kills. Then suddenly a mysterious dude showed up and told me he had been watching me and I had become better. I confidently invited him to my private server to have a 1-1. He completely humiliated me haha.

    There were levels and some legendary good players. Always when you tought you were the best someone better appeared haha

  27. Nostalgia really hit me with this. I remember playing this and always go to the edge of the map just to see what happen. If anyone saw thia comment can you help me find video about these game? I really want to reminiscing
    1. Spin win
    2. Golf world (i dunno but it's like golf but in space, pyramid with lava, galactic)
    3. Bowl
    4. Orb
    Thank you, it's certainly old School games

  28. used to play this game at my grandma's house when I was around 5

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