They BEGGED me to try this Tank Game and it wasn't great... -

They BEGGED me to try this Tank Game and it wasn’t great…

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Panzer War: DE was the most requested game in my comments for months. This is how turned out.

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  1. Sir you can make your own tank in panzer war de

  2. Mate, you used "weak" settings OF COURSE the shells won't be any good, and the developer is just a single guy, so it won't be very surprising for using some free assets, also the mods for this game is just wack. You can see the ammunition statistics in the garage just on the right there's numbers that looks like:
    Damage 120/160/220
    Penetration 170/140/35

    the mods you can just use the cube icon on the left there's tons of them and most of them are in Chinese and i don't know what most of them says, all i know that there's P1000 and Gustav somewhere in there, you should take the game with more fun in mind, rather than the emotional pain enhancing simulator that is War Thunder or world of tanks

  3. I have this on my phone and I haven't touched it for a while but it's really fun for creating cursed tanks and whatnot

  4. Panzer would you leave the tank if the breach or barrel were shot out ?

  5. I playe this because it is an offline game and it has mods

  6. “When it comes to games I play I don’t take requests” that’s probably why you hardly break 10k on your videos listen to your community bruh

  7. 1:28 is the Crew speacing German because i dont understand one bit

  8. This is the definition of we have World of Tanks at home

  9. Tbh for a mobile game (since it came 1-2 years before war thunder mobile even started) + made by 1 person, this is a great game especially since you can play with HP mode or WT -like damage

    + support mod and you also can make cursed tank (example, R3 with fv4005 gun)

  10. I play a lot panzer war, and its understandable since its made by chinese dev and its indie

  11. just looks like wot but super scuffed and trash

  12. Oh God, it's like world of tanks and war thunder had a one night stand and no one wanted the thing that was made

  13. Please play steelcrew, it's a VR Tank game but the servers are a little dead

  14. Im W.O.T fan but mate this is look like bad version of blitz, if you combined with W.T and you took some robots and cars and BOOM you get this.

  15. this game has shit ton of mods available thats why its beloved

  16. Man the mobile version is waaaay better

  17. You came into the game with too high standarts, for an casual mobile player PanzerWar (and PanzerWar DE) are great games and an actual alternative to wot and war thunder, especially regarding the fact that PanzerWar games combine tank, plane and helicopter warfare AND offer the option to actually install mods that add new vehicles (and PanzerWar DE also has a tank editor to create own vehicles)

    I personally play PanzerWar DE since a very long time and still see alot potential in the game, especially regarding PanzerWar DE with the module mode. The developer (it‘s only one person) keeps updating the game pretty frequently to provide us with an good gaming experience, and regarding all the other features the graphics are an downsight that‘s acceptable, they aren‘t much worse than in WotB or War Thunder on mobile.

  18. It's a great game to play whenever I don't want to deal with either WG's bullshit or other players.

    Also module mode choose normal or realistic strength.

  19. Seems like warthunder but no russian bias and those Maps Look like warthunder Maps all other IS world of tanks

  20. 0:46 Oh, hey there, Fafnir. How'd you end up here all the way from Battletech/MechWarrior?

  21. 9:06 yeah it is also invincible if you do the mortal sin of shooting it at the driver's hatch in war thunder

  22. Basicly you got spamed by bot to play an asset flip game.

    Congrat. . .

  23. I really love panzer war. Very fun game. Very simple, and it's a good game for what it is. I play it when I want to play for fun. I also think it's pretty cool for being made by one guy, I also like the in-game modding thing so I don't have to do all this website jumping just to install a mod I get just press a button then press another button then boom the mod is installed.
    I also made an LAV-150 with a M551 Sheridan turret and the m26 pushing 90 mm gun, it's actually quite good. It's very fast and the 90 mm is pretty punchy as well.

  24. Panzer War DE is a decent game, I really liked it

  25. Panzerpaw didn't really do it right, firstly always go high damage mode for module, it is much more like War Thunder then (although sadly the gunner or driver dying doesn't remove the ability to shoot/drive, the modules do), I only play module because I think it is the best. The modding is really the best part of the game, being able to add all the modded vehicles and play with those kind of carries the game, the workshop is very impressive. It certainly isn't the best game ever, but I like the "easy" gameplay, y'know with the not so smart bots, and simple combat. It can be fun to screw around with and play, also use the "custom" menu for settings. I don't know why it is called custom. I recommend poking around in it a bit more and trying the mods.

  26. Speaking of mechwarrior, can you play some?

  27. You chose weak shells thats why you took so long to destroy tanks also the game does not have friendly fire

  28. this game looks like a child of WoT and WT but with autism and abandoned by parents

  29. It isn't they it is he because this game made by 1 person

  30. I think it's enough that we have friendly fire in War Thunder sim but I guess I wouldn't be mad about it coming back in RB either.
    I imagine it could be more frustrating with how many light tanks there are and with the overpressure mechanics.

  31. Panzerpaw in my opoinoin the game is very fun because its…fun 😛

  32. I have 600hours on this download mods and i will be better

  33. It got better it has modules and multiplayer

  34. You can also build your own tank as well in this game. You should try that out some time! And download other players tank creations.

  35. Sights are customizable from downloading mods in-game.

  36. I like the panzer war game and downloaded all mods and some add new maps and u can download new voices with mods

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