These Tank Games were a MISTAKE -

These Tank Games were a MISTAKE

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Tank Commander plays Anime tanks and the Worst Tank Game on Steam is back?!

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  1. “I don’t know how we’re supposed to win this” exactly what the axis thought in ww2. Germany losing that badly is more realistic than war thunder.

  2. You should try panzer knights, it's actually not as bad as the first game. With serious plot and no half naked girls running around

  3. My Honest Reaction From The First Game PanzerPaw Played:

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  4. Clearly PanzerPaw has never heard of the Killdozer and the rampage it went on in the (i wanna say) late 90's.

    Civilian tank is real, and you can't hide from it. Lol

  5. You should plya the game project wingman

  6. 2nd game actually looks like a WoT blitz rip off

  7. First one is made by chobi but the concept seems so incel like

  8. Hey Panzer have you read the book Spearhead its a good book and talks about a gunner whos name is Clarence

  9. Incredible in a unknown game thé ebrc sague is present but not in War thunder

  10. The 2nd game is a WoT Blitz knockoff, but also that one other game you played.

  11. Out of every possible video Panzer could upload this is the one i'd last expect

  12. You should really play World of Tanks!!! Also this game was probably a ripoff of Girls und Panzer a great anime where a bunch of high school girls are put in tanks and battle against other schools. Great show and I recommend skipping some sus moments! Btw the most modern tank you see in the whole entire movies and series are Chaffees. The second game reminds me of WoT Blitz!

  13. I played a game nearly exact to first but without the anime

  14. “Why are the shermans suddenly so strong”
    – Germany during late WW2 😂

  15. Play girls und panzer (watched the entire series and sequels I would say not very bad but laws of physics were idk broken)

  16. holy mother of gods what the banana cheese is the first game

  17. "Anime tank gollum"
    Welp, there's a phrase that's never been uttered in the history of humanity

  18. Plis reaction anime girl and panser

  19. Loved the video @Panzer Paw! Can't wait for the next video man! The First Game (Anime Tanks Arena) looked like a Poorly Done Cross between "Brass Brigade" with "Girls und Panzer" like it was so bad and you couldn't even set a Platoon or something where you'd have a few Bots or Fellow Players forming up with you on an Offensive. Military Tanks/Tank Force is Basically a Ripoff of World of Tanks, that's it I'm not saying anything else not that I don't think I need to say anything else about that game!

    I'm worried that there's a Ripoff of World of Warships or War Thunder somewhere on Steam as well now!

  20. there's another game that's just like this game but there's no anime

  21. i'd actually be very interested to see you play "Panzer Knights" an actually somewhat good anime tank game

  22. I am gonna say I came for the gameplay and stayed for the thumbnail…

  23. That deadass looks like a free model roblox game .

  24. the guy that made the first one still makes games with tanks with super realistic tracks

  25. “Trust me, just keep watching girls und panzer, it’s a great show. You’ll fall in love with it”

    The show: 0:00

  26. man, u gotta play armored heroes again, i discovered that u can play as soviet or german and i would like to see you playing them


  28. Random suggestion but wild tanks for the next mobile games video?

  29. Bro I’m pretty sure the whole point of the game is to look at almost naked anime girls wearing helmets to make them look military which is why the game is so poorly made

  30. i saw a game similar to the first game panzerpaw played on y8 just without the anime

  31. God….wtf is this 😂😂
    There should a law to prevent this kind of games to exist

  32. I think the anime girl is surgically attached to the tank and is resurrected from a dismembered body from an accident, like some bio mechanoid abomination from serious Sam. That was my immediate thought anyway.

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