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In today’s video ill be playing Tanki online one of the worst tank games I’ve ever played but hey…. it’s free


  1. og tanki online was better. u don't get to call tankI bad it's an amazing og game delete this misleading video

  2. I can't watch this. the pain of this trash critiquing. it's still a good game. I rarely play it with titan smokey or wasp fire

  3. Man I remember playing this game so much. The game just isn't it anymore, the devs abandoned the players

  4. It’s not a bad game it’s just now pay to win and and you kinda suck at it :/

  5. 卂乙ㄩ尺乇 أمواج المحيط ツ says:

    loool that was my game years ago, now it's just a bunch of people flipping each other over with mammoth and twins and people sending nudes to each other on discord 😭😭

  6. I remember a few years ago this game was really good but unfortunately updates came and ruined it along with the pay 2 win system

  7. He said this is the worst but he is still happy playing it lol btw droodles how's your day?

  8. I used to play this on public computers in a library

  9. ooohh boi this is my nostalgia but i playing this game today! 🙂


  11. It hurts to see you say that twins are better than the railgun ooof

  12. Same here in 2010 the game was good there were no lags i had played this game for 3 years after 6 years the game sucks

  13. Droodles, if you want a better version of this game. You have Tanki X. Also tanki online did get better

  14. Best combo for a heavy is thunder and Viking

  15. Droodles i know how to play the game i'll play with u when i get my password back lmaoo

  16. I meen blitz is free too but blitz is p2w with crates 🙂

  17. The White One was like Chimera, a beauty

  18. I tried this some years back on a potato laptop, the action was quite entertaining 👍🏻

  19. The green thing you took is a repair and repair you to full Heath

  20. Omg before 5 years this game was sooo good i played every day , but now its dog shit

  21. Droodles: being a noob in tanki
    Me: laughs in godlike skills
    Btw there is no such thing as bouncing shells, accuracy issues and realistic crap like this in tanki.

  22. Bro i used to play this game off school computers and then the devs outright made the game fully pay to win and just ruined the fun in the game

  23. Tank Brawl?
    One of 1000 Brawl Stars imitations, this one is with tanks and it have evry
    tank/brawler similar to brawlstars.

    Only upgrades are another…

  24. this game used to be really good, but now, the only reason i playing this game is because of the nostalgia

  25. I can even plat the gamenow every time i try to go around and press fire it doesnt work like wtf

  26. This game is bad after flash removal and phisycs change

  27. Not the worst. Do not insult the nostalgia

  28. beuh i have so many crystals that i saved for a bundle on it

  29. The twins are really good when they are mk 4

  30. My favorite weapon was the hammer ohhh the good old times

  31. damn dude, i remember that time when i was dying to get back home from school to play this game with my brothers. the nostalgia.. such wonderful memories man :/

  32. His xp was going up CRAZY FAST it used to go up by 10 for each tank you killed.

  33. Hello! thank you for the feedback! Tanki dosen't normally get as many "First Impression Videos" anymore, so it was great to see your reaction.

    To answer some of your questions,

    When your camera turned to a weird angle at the end, it was because you accidentally pressed the 'E' key, which turns your camera angle up, if this happens, you can turn your camera angle back down by pressing the 'Q' key.

    The "Nuke" you mentioned is called an overdrive, overdrives help your gameplay and every hull has a different overdrive, for example the wasp hull will plant a nuclear bomb that will explode in three seconds, and the dictator hull will enable double damage, amour, and speed while freezing the enemy tanks around you. The overdrive will load to 100% by itself, killing other players, and by collecting nuclear boxes.

    The reason why the graphics are better in some hulls and turrets compared to others is because the devs are just starting to improve the graphics, and will add better models for the other hulls and turrets.

    btw I do not work with any of Tanki's devs, I'm just a fan who has many ideas for improving the game.

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