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In today’s video ill be playing Tanki online one of the worst tank games I’ve ever played but hey…. it’s free


  1. Was the best game but drugging ruined this game

  2. It was a big game back then i had some good memories now its dead

  3. This is not even close to the old Tanki online

  4. Its no the worst game, but u re the worst tanki player

  5. Any game where enemy can kill you in less than 2 seconds is INFANTILE at best . Though you are full energy and double armor?? Whoever okayed that deserves to go bankrupt

  6. My bro really said nothing has changed it is the same game. I mean 🤔 really?

  7. Tanki online was the OG tank game that i always played. Its been a long time since ive played it but now im inspired to play it again

  8. There's a lot more worse ones… check the App Store of Apple

  9. This game is still playable today. The in-game rewards (like the currency and supplies) have been higher than they ever been in the game's history. The only problem I have with this game is the balance. There's like two tiers of equipment in the game; the cheap, weaker stuff that most people have access to, and the very expensive/hard to obtain, powerful stuff that only long-time veterans and heavy buyers can get, or if you happen to be super, super, super lucky.

  10. You didn't stick around long enough to delve deeper into the game. Says a lot about first impressions imo.
    Been playing TO (tanki online) for years now and it's way better than that, but on the flipside it's massively P2W.
    I could go into TO in great detail but i won't bother you with all the semantics involved. Bottom line, it's run by a bunch of greedy, devious devs that are out for cash above everything else, including game balance, which over the last couple of years has not existed.
    As a new player you did the right thing…..YOU LEFT.

  11. This game is a good game guys. I agree you need to play a lot in order to get good stuffs. But once you get it your life is set in TO

  12. I played this when i was 5 I LOVED THIS but the new updates are trash its pay to win I left it

  13. Game: Protection
    Droodles: Yeah, we're just gonna ingnore that

  14. I still play this game on and off and it's still fun. Started playing it since 2015 when my school friends showed me this

  15. 'manoeuvrability' is a word and that's how you spell it

  16. I grinded this game in middle school lol. It's somehow worse that WOTB?!?!? I'm not ganna explain

  17. Just because u suck at it doesn't mean its a bad game

  18. Yes, this game sucks now, But it was not, it was so addictive and fun, I miss it so bad

  19. So much Nostalgia with this game, Man I played so much, Initially used to cry to get Twins M1, Traded hundreds of accounts made lot of friends, Youtube used to be filled with this Gameplays, This game is Surely dead, I Miss it so so Badly.

  20. Sadly you have discovered Tanki at its worst possible state. This game could have been the next Counter-Strike if it weren't for dev incompetency and obsessions with short term gains. I myself deleted my 4 year old account last June out of protest and being fed up with devs ignoring the players.

    This "game" is a husk of its former self, gone are the playstyles, maps, and community have been abolished for shitty pay to win "features" along with mind-bogglingly stupid ideas. Who the hell thought to make a hovering hull that can jump? Why can Smoky suddenly burn and freeze other tanks with an alteration? Why have different hull textures been removed except for the M3 (MK7) one? Why were flanking routes removed from maps? Why was an artillery turret added even though it breaks half of the maps in the game? Why is the new UI literally rape your eyes with all the minimalist grey design? Why…. you get the idea.

    Thank you for making this video. Its such a shame that Tanki Online became a shitty p2w mobile game.

    (for anyone who will read this, my account name was SamGamgee55, I did post on the forum back in 2017-19)

  21. 7 years , and im still hestitating to leave it :'(

  22. To be fair. Everyone is complaing how the game is pay to win and stuff but imo it is not that bad. Recently developers have added some mechanics that support nonbuyers. Within first 100 hours in this game you need to spent your cristals wisely and do only daily missons and nothing more. Then you will have enough crystals for your tank to make it viable.
    Worst thing about tanki right now is that it is not as competitive as it used to be. It only offers grinding all the way up to mk7+ equipment and then nothing more
    About the video. You dont know anything about the game and its way to early for you to make any opinions

  23. I was trying ro remember of this game thx you !!! 🙏

  24. By the way, I do not quite understand how some had played Tanki in their childhood, as this game is and has always been ultimately closed for kids and there are severe restrictions if you are under 18 – read EULA:
    "… The Game is not targeted towards, nor intended for use by, anyone under the age of 13.
    If you older than 13 years of age, and under the age of 18, you may use the Game only under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by this EULA and any additional terms contained in related documents. "


  26. Tanki is getting fine these days with good updates and great YouTubers:)

  27. I would say Tanki was the Inspiration for World of tanks,Since it came before WoT

  28. i played tanki from 2013 and this was the cringest video ive ever seen

  29. I used to play it because I didn't have a mouse Xd

  30. I played it when i was young, it was the best game for me now it's a crap…

  31. Droodles I played this game before and no it is not bad shush it was my favourite game with my friends

  32. this game is my childhood, I used to like it but its absolute dogshit now. shame.

  33. The game became a lot more arcade like, pay to win, and it completely nerfed several weapons with that one big update a year or two back. Now the game is pretty much just people using power ups 24/7

  34. Custom matches also started sucking, and the servers seemed far more empty, overall the game just went downhill in my opinion

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