The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List -

The Ultimate Flash Game Tier List

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Greet. Today we’re looking at flash games.

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  1. I still play Motherload Goldium on Steam, my favourite childhood game. I remember when me and my schoolmates rushed to the computer room early just to occupy the machine our save was on. We were playing on Miniclip and had our saves in the browser cache. Oh the good old days.

  2. Road of the dead 2
    I have a weird liking about people getting devoured by the zombies and you as the driver, Game over cutscene is always satisfying despite it literally being "game over"

  3. "the sadistic masochist buried deep within every childs mind'
    "the sadistic masochist"

  4. motherload looks like some similar game i played but not as good but better story
    i dont remember what the one i played was called

  5. does anybody remember that one game where you play as justin bieber in the future when he is old and no longer famous and you have to kidnap children from a mall and bring them to your rapevan to steal their youth
    i looked it up it was called bieber metamorph

  6. I'm very surprised nobody here remembers Dwarves and Giants, one of the best TDs I played when I was younger. Had unique concepts that I hadn't seen in a TD and I don't think I've seen a new-gen TD do it either, hopefully one does that concept again one day, but oh well.
    Also, pretty good video, though your opinion on Interactive Buddy off-put me since it was so low.

  7. I think u should rank the newer papas games diffrently than the old cuz u only played papas pizzeria and that one is kinda easy hardest one is papas mocharia

  8. Shoutout to Kitten Cannon, the incredibly stupid flash game that introduced me to Daft Punk

  9. Tanks is nothing more then a shyte version of the MS-DOS game Scorched Earth, try the newer version Scorched 3D if you want, it's a lot of fun.

  10. >Bubble Struggle at D tier

    Yeah, no. Stopped watching right there. Me and the boys, we played the absolute shit out of that game back in the day.

  11. I don't know how many proxy's I used at school to play most of these flash games

  12. I'd spend hours daily on interactive buddy 2 and I have not been able to find it ANYWHERE. Just the stinky 1st version.

  13. Tanki Online was amazing in its early years.
    Imagine having a multiplayer 3D game with a whole bunch of upgrades and strategies that runs in your browser.
    What a godsend for a 10 year old me with a budget laptop and zero knowledge of pirating games.

    Sad it all went to shit after they decided to rebalance the game by making the game was slower and grindier.
    Imagine spending months of your young naive life grinding for a competent setup to wake up one day seeing that you have nothing in your garage and all of the money you got from them selling your equipment is worthless in this new economy.
    It was pretty much going from 3/3 upgrades on all of your favorite tanks and guns to 1/3.

    Holy shit these memories made me sad.

  14. Thank you very very verryyy much. I really enjoyed playing obama alien defense, but forgot the name except for the fact that it had obama in it. Definitely will play it again

  15. What's interesting about "cut the rope" is that it's no longer a flash game staple, but it still sees life as a children's show in the form of shorts called "On Nom Stories." I know this because my daughter LOVES this green motherfucker. Basically like a modern equal to Looney-Tunes.

  16. Some more:
    Hot Dog Bush
    Penguin Dinner
    A.L.I.A.S (the series)
    Hobo (the series)
    Dan n me
    Plus basically every Nitrome game…

    You're welcome!

  17. Holy shit I forgot about Obama alien defense. A bit late to the game, but I think a couple games could have also made this list. I think any of the nitrome games have a really good shot: ice breaker, square meal, snow drift, pest control thin ice, etc.

    Another really underrated game is Acid Factory, only OGs probably remember that one. As the name literally implies, it's some scientist dude with a laser trying to escape a factory that had an acid accident making weird monsters.

    Other old games that I have played include deep freeze, black knight, pumpkin push, hong kong ninja, etc. Out of all the old miniclip games, cannon blast was definitely one of my favorites, figuring that it was the first flash game I have ever played.

    A bit later to the game and definitely not as old as the games list is Cactus McCoy 2. This one is a really good contender for an S tier game imo, the soundtrack and gameplay is just really good.

  18. ‘I wish you knew you were in the good old days when you were in them’

    (I’m not sure if i got this right but u get what I mean)

  19. Mr. Natas done seen some shit, man…
    And some stuff…

  20. I love how I've played pretty much all of these as a kid.


  22. PSA You can still play a ton of these archived on Flashpoint

  23. i was very dissapointed to not see fireboy and water girl here that was the main flash game for me and my brother

  24. Its incredible the level of joy and fun that flash games have brought us. Armor games is forever in my heart with the greats.

  25. These games made better then your average triple a title also you forgot the warfare series!

  26. What about the Fancy Pants Adventure series? Super Mario 63?

  27. All of these games are placed in S tier in my heart

  28. Tank Ball and Marian's World were my first multiplayer online games.

  29. There was a game where you played as a coast guard helicopter and you lowered a little guy on a line to rescue people and return them to your base

    For the life of me I can't remember whats its called

  30. I remember obama alien defense when it was new… America was different back then…

  31. this list was trash but alot of these games were great

  32. So you means ultimate flash game tier list of the ones you could remember? These are some pretty weak entries compared to what was available. Motherload is the only one that makes the cut imo.

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