The Surprisingly Complex Music of Wii Play's Tanks! -

The Surprisingly Complex Music of Wii Play’s Tanks!

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Wii Play (2006) had a great assortment of little games, each with a little gem of adaptive music, but none got as intricate as the final one, Tanks!, in which you battle with little toy tanks on a hardwood floor. Check out how much variety you can get out of a few measures of music and some clever game design parameters.

Special thanks to DavoGato and Wolfgang for helping me with this video!

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  1. this is making me miss playing tanks now

  2. Been playin this game for years, never noticed any of this

  3. I've played the hell out of the tanks mini game when I was a kid. I had NO idea how many levels there were

  4. The way you used the short 1 second “stage complete/game over” bit for transitions was the best use of that sound you could’ve possibly had

  5. This video unlocked a long forgotten beloved memory, thank you for making this

  6. The lack of cohesion in the pattern can likely be contributed to sorting by priority (as well as inaccuracies in listing)
    More likely sorted or progressed by particular ability than priority
    Such as rocket or ricochet or mine having a particular trend individually (as an example, not in practice)

  7. they really put 99% of the budget into the music composers

  8. I remember playing this game and enjoying the music as a young teen – I never knew there were 100 levels ffs

  9. I used to get the music of this game stuck in my head ALL THE TIME. Even YEARS after. Thank you for reintroducing me to this hell lmao

  10. Anyone else get PTSD when the green double ricochet tanks showed up. 😟

  11. Can we take a moment to appreciate the beautiful editing of this video

  12. Just hearing this music again brought a wide smile to my face for the entirety of the video. Nostalgias a hell of a thing, thanks for uploading

  13. Yo this blows my mind because I owned this game a while back and I loved tanks and I always noticed the differences in the music but I always thought it was based on what level we were playing in thank you random music guy for making my life of music so much better

  14. I wish you showed your human character more often

  15. That was magnificent, putting it simply i'd say it's the best peice of media produced this year

  16. Tanks! was honestly my favourite wii play game in lockdown i would just try to beat my score so i could dare my younger brother to try to beat it.

  17. if every other game in wii play is a short story, then this one is a novella

  18. bro i thought the white tanks made this game living hel as a kid

  19. What happens if we put all the tanks in one?

  20. Ahh, I ju- I just love this game so, so much.

  21. you have no idea how fast i turned on my wii play to see if it's all real XD

  22. this game slapped so hard, black tanks were terrifying, and getting to and beating 100 was genuinely difficult, at least for me

  23. I spent so many hours playing those mini games but my favorite was always the tank one (the only one I couldn’t beat)

  24. i wanna go boot up my wii to play this nd listen to it



  27. I have so many fond memories of tanks when I was a kid.

  28. There is a new wii tanks like game coming, it's called Hyper Tanks. Has similar gameplay but more features. I have a trailer in my profile if you are curious.

  29. like if youre part of the level 100 grinder!! (took me 3 months at 9 years old)

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