The SIDEMEN play SHELLSHOCK LIVE (Sidemen Gaming) -

The SIDEMEN play SHELLSHOCK LIVE (Sidemen Gaming)

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  1. Anyone seeing this comment hear Harry’s voice crack at 8:05

  2. Im in your Head Rent Free? Was that a prediction

  3. The incredible semicircle reversely jog because pedestrian prognostically rely circa a cute priest. remarkable, amused salmon

  4. JJ you earn so much, atleast get a real copy of Windows. It's clearly visible on left bottom corner you are using a pirated version.

  5. some kid trying to have fun playing a tank game…

  6. Who else came here from actual shell shock from war?

  7. 1:41 ksi: oh I did bits wow
    Literally all his damage was on Ethan.
    5:09 vik: oooh ksi is actually putting out damage
    Ksi misses everyone.

  8. Year later. Scrolling through an notices. The thumbnail. Simon is on both teams. Josh isn't there. Is this on purpose or was this a mistake lol.

  9. Jj: “man hit him with the gay pride” lmfaoooooooo

  10. Anyone else notice on the thumbnail Josh’s tank is called Simon

  11. Man hit him with the gay pride 😂😂😂

  12. they need to play this again this was jokes 😂

  13. I want them to make another one for the nostalgia

  14. I just realized that there is a mistake on the thumbnail.

  15. Well this video didn't age well, 30 seconds in, Josh does a Russian voice and fires his tank 😬

  16. I need more sidemen shell shock please. From the USA!

  17. Why 🤣 is it colored vs paper bro lol this video is hilarious

  18. simon is looking weird with no beard now

  19. im gonna finish it for you drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry

  20. Simons name is in the thumbnail 2 times and they left granddad josh out of it…

  21. tobi missed so many cogs bruh this why he dont level up

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