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The Sharks Take A Shot With Grind | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global

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Thomas Fields is seeking $250,000 for a 5% stake of GRIND.

From Season 12 Episode 23

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Sharks Take A Shot With Grind | Shark Tank US | Shark Tank Global


  1. You get a better work out when you chase the ball..

  2. I think Barbara was in because she wanted an excuse to kill her neighbors

  3. Its basketball you already knew mark was gonna b in

  4. the guy's insane to hesitate any offer from Mark

  5. Strait lie that the feed of the grind being fast enough to pull off 500 shots in a hour it's a slow machine watch it it's not my opinion watch the machine

  6. “I hope the league doesn’t see this” 💀

  7. To bad the deal never went through but grind now has a net worth of 2 million

  8. Apparently the deal never closed. So Barbara didn’t actually make the deal lol

  9. This guy is a great, great black entrepreneur. Love his vibe.

  10. Barbara roasting Mark on his basketball skills, lol

  11. the deal never came throu but it's worth 2m now

  12. I've never felt that tensed on the dealing part before 🙂

  13. Have you noticed that every shark tank pitch is done in the exact same tone? Gets irritating I’m not gonna lie 👀

  14. Wish I knew about them before Shark Tank when I could afford it 😢

  15. This is the ultimate basketball practice.
    This is just like that tennis ball machine ❤

  16. I was losing it at Kevin critiquing Mark's basketball skills
    "Oh he sucks"
    "Hope the league doesn't see this"

  17. Parent company Grind Holdings reported revenues of £16.9m ($20.1m) for the 12 months ended 30 April 2022, compared to £8.2m ($9.8m) in the year previous

  18. Did this guy really need to think about an offer from Mark in sports with a product like that?

  19. no ones buying this thing for their back yard haha. to big to bulky to much time to setup. company will be out of business within 2 calendar years from today's date. ill check back in then.

  20. that thing passes like you have your little brother standing under the rim, cant make it out to you

  21. Just looking at him, you can tell that he's a good for nothing conman.

  22. U broke your ACL and for that reason , I’m out ! Barbara

  23. Grind has raised $61.99M over 6 rounds. Grind's latest funding round was a Angel – V for $18.41M on March 5, 2023. Grind's valuation in April 2019 was $44.42 – $48.98M. Grind's latest post-money valuation is from March 2023

  24. So they don’t walk up there and hug or handshake anymore? Or is this during the Covid time?

  25. I always am curious on how well these companies do after the deal. Especially with this one.

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