The Most Realistic Tank Simulator ! M60 and T 62 in Steel Armor ! Game on PC -

The Most Realistic Tank Simulator ! M60 and T 62 in Steel Armor ! Game on PC

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Awesome simulator of modern main battle tanks ! Russian T 62 and US M60 in game Steel Armor Blaze of War on PC
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  1. OFP cold war crisis looks just as real with mods.

  2. Look engaging. ? Like the choice of those two clunkers ☺️ k

  3. That's an M-60A1! There are two dead give a ways…

  4. you really need money don't you? 21 fucking  adds

  5. You must to be some bored teen playing this trash and creating these very NON-realistic videos that you think are so realistic and wonderful! This is the 3rd video of yours I've watched and trust me when I tell you, these are nowhere near being realistic simulators when it comes to military armored vehicles! These are cheap cartoon animations and even the animation is poor. These are great for kids/teens however, adults who are into serious war-games would toss this shit in the trash and never look back!!!

  6. Simulator is great, but Ai see you through grass, trees, bushes, in distance in night vision without the light, your crew is turing IR light ON no matter what, and that make me uninstall it.

  7. I personally hate this game for night missions. Enemy allways see you even with turned of IR intesifier – in dense bushes specifficly. You basicly dont know where you were hitted from. Next thing (mostly for T-62) is gun dispersion – its hard to hit anything withtout laser range finder, and so small number of amunition. If you know the range and put it on the sight rectingles, your rounds are flying higher or lower.

  8. My God! Your framerates! This video gave me an epileptic seizure!

  9. Is there something odd about the 62 ejection and shells?

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