The Most Realistic FPS Setup -

The Most Realistic FPS Setup

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  1. Girl's Playing be like:😊😅❤
    Boy's Playing be like:😡☢️🔫🔫🔫🔫

  2. The most normal Chinese game modders of all time

  3. "bro what's all that noise in ur room?"

    "sorry my set up is a little realistic"

  4. Imagine your grandpa catches you playing csgo, he says you can't handle actual recoil and you pull out this setup

  5. Bro prepare to gaming war ❎
    Bro prepare to real war✅😅

  6. The war vet grandpa : So this thing supposed to simulates what again??

  7. Atleast plug guys channel if ur using his content

  8. Do not let this man find out about war thunder

  9. Another setup (btw this is actually real) a literal tank setup that requires a crew like literally

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