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0:00 BMP-1 Gameplay
7:53 M1 Abrams Gameplay
15:01 T72 Gameplay
20:40 Neat AAR


  1. I just discovered this channel about 4 days ago and I am addicted. I am binging every single video

  2. A cool feature for the game would be an interior view of the tanks you're playing

  3. what i want is a new arcade like tank game to come out but in the modern era
    kinda like armored warfare except that it isnt on full blown life support since the get go and that the studio actually works on the game

  4. the first bit of footage & thumbnail thought this was squad mod

  5. 13:30 You're talking about the battle of 73 Easting that indeed took place during the operation "Desert Storm" and marked the end of the Iraqi armour as a fighting force.

  6. "Hey guys, Drewski here, and today we're playing some Gunner, HEAT, PC!" dead
    Yeah that pretty well sums it up! 😀

  7. So, about your little tangent at the start of the video, a lot of both western ans eastern equipments of the cold war are designed around nuclear war.

  8. I have been wanting to get into tanks and armour in games, and this seems like a satisfying and realistic simulator that I can sink my teeth in!

  9. Reminds me of the M1 Tank Platoon games from '89/90

  10. I think one of the coolest things is the intensity of the Tank Crew voice lines changes depending on the intensity of the combat. Like, if you start engaging tanks but they don't know where you are, the crew is relatively collected, but if the enemy is right on top of you and all around they scream their heads off.

  11. Ели ты не к курсе то абрамс дрался со слабой страной.Да и то вас с позором выгнали со страны.АХАХАХАХ и танк т 72 у нас не является основным танком)))

  12. Nice video. Please upload more of this. Glad to see you being wrecked! I had seen some other youtubers playing this and the AI seemed to be rather dumb!

  13. I still think GHPC is a bit empty compared to Steel Beasts' immersion.

  14. the way you have to aim, it gives that machine feeling, something that WT is lacking … small but very important feature, in WT you can die in miliseconds because someone will be able to aim at you very easily

  15. Gunner, heat, PC is such an enjoyable game to play, also those jets at the beginning are either MiG-23 or 27s depend on the nose of the aircraft.

  16. Pro tip, let off the palm switch (quickly release right mouse button) to 'dump the lase' to stop the sight from trying to add lead (the reticle slewing) as you move from target to target. Be cautious though, as you re-lase, you can burn out/overheat the laser range finder from too many consecutive re-lases in a row.

  17. To my knowledge those are MiG-23 Floggers you are seeing fly over. My guess at least from the little we see them.

  18. Its funny to me because i am fixing bmp-1 in work, and to be honest this is basically a coffin on tracks, good luck getting out of it after recieving a hit 😂

  19. That AAR was probably the coolest part of the game. Too bad my graphics card is crap. Probably can't run it.

  20. I would love to see you make a campaign series from this game, I feel that in today's society that series would do very well

  21. Hey drewski I believe those jets were Mig-23 floggers
    Edit: I love your content, especially the Arma lll content but I don't get to watch much because I work a lot keep up the good work buddy😁👍

  22. This is MiG-27’s. Basically a MiG-23 whit a naval 30mm gun strapped to it

  23. Nice, I remember playing the military sim games from the late 80s and early 90s. This reminds of some tank commander game I played back in the days.

  24. U have convinced me to get this game looks sick lol keep up the awesome vids!

  25. One of my favorite games from the Commodore 64 was Steel Thunder. This reminds me of it.

  26. It was the Battle of 73 Easting vs T72s lead by then CPT, later LTG McMaster. I was MI then but a TX ARNG M1 TC later in the late 90's and you mentioned the thermals…we could see deer and cattle in the training areas on Ft Hood out miles and even see a dude's pee against a cold background in the woods half a mile out with the 10x main gun sight. Crazy.

  27. 14:36 what is a "throwing charge"??
    cant seem to find any info on google after using several different key words…
    im thinking like a "Lim-lick" charge…. forget exactly how to spell it
    its a big rope filled with C4 that gets shot up by a rocket….like 300 feet….. then explodes (along the length of the rope)
    used to clear mines
    also heard a story of it being fired over a house filled with bad guys
    blowing up the house
    its never a war crime the first time (im pretty sure they were told to not do that again lol)

  28. wait im really late but have you heard about the new stalker game coming out?

  29. I am absolutely in love with this game, even in its early development stages it has a lot of potential and is super fun. I love the tiny details that wouldn't matter to most, for example I love the kill feed that explains where your rounds hit/what damage occurred, and the after action reports so you can understand what your rounds did (Reminds me of sniper elite, and also War Thunder, but please don't hate on me for mentioning WT, I play that game as well, so I understand).

  30. man, they should pay you for how good you sell this!

  31. if you learn how to use the slow-mo that you can use at any time of the battle you can see the shell leave and do it’s thing

  32. If you think that Abrams is cool. The latest equipment we have has probably the best thermal system available also they have a feature where if it detects a laser range finder it will auto rotate the turret to the direction that it was targeted from. Also the the world's farthest accurate tank shot was preformed by the Abrams.

  33. brings back memories of being gunner on the strv 122D

  34. I wonder how many purchases this game is getting from this video… "Drewski blows up Steam with game recommendations"

  35. lol the battle report was as fun and interesting as the gameplay.

  36. Hey drew when playing mission press tab and you can switch units

  37. the effects are already looking so much better. really good to see that

  38. OMG you finally got this game! Few tips, Hit T to activate your thermals, they wouldve helped you out a lot, also the m60a3tts and the M1 have a fancy fire control system that automatically leads the target for you, Hit E to Lase the target then track the target for two seconds by matching his speed and keeping him centered in the crosshairs, then fire. This is great for moving targets at range.

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