The Most Exciting Heavy Tank Game Ever Played! | World of Tanks -

The Most Exciting Heavy Tank Game Ever Played! | World of Tanks

Claus Kellerman
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The Might Maus! This has got to be the BEST most exciting heavy tank game I have ever seen. I was exhausted after doing commentary on it! The MAUS rules!


  1. Thrall Dumehammer's Jogging Customer's Servants says:

    Maus hands down


  3. I have to hand it to you Klaus your usually funny but this time you have been absolutely piss fucking funny 🙂

  4. Sorry spelt your name wrong Claus 🙁 my bad.

  5. That Maus game was absolutely epic, as was your commentary… now for the next one… 2nd game decent but not as good. Your beautiful visage and the gameplay varied a bit in quality for me, but that's probably my connection. Happy holidays!!

  6. Well i mean, great video and Play by any mean.
    Still heavy’s and TD’s are the only playable tanks rn imho.

  7. Best commentary on YouTube period! My heart is even pounding. Very nice Claus!

  8. I have only watched Maus video so far…..but good sir…. I was rolling

  9. Best WoT commentary ever. Loved the beet red face! Rod Phillips would have been very proud.

  10. ahahahha, love your comments and emotions 😀

  11. Want to make superheavy tanks relevant again? Drop them all down 2 tiers…. the power creep and press 2 to pen ammo have almost completely ruined superheavy gameplay. This would fix that issue right quick.

  12. That was some fantastic Maus gameplay. Reminds me of the times not so long ago when the best scout tank in the game was the maus.

  13. as an indian wot player … i loved your song choice for the video … great commentary love your work

  14. In EU server Maus would be dead in 20sec, looks like on US noone shoot gold ammo.

  15. ok the Mause battle was epic but the comentary on that is LEGENDARY thx for making my day

  16. The most legendary idiot team against The Maus.

  17. I call those magnetic shells. Russian arties are loaded with those… good to shoot, damn hard to load. xD

  18. That Maus game was unbelievable… I didn't think he'd do it.

  19. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍❤

  20. lights and mediums killing heavies and destroyers from there front, oh and they need auto loaders, plus go 90mph, give them heavy armor, heavy pen, heavy damage for each shot but make them shoot as fast as lights, plus if there’s a bush you just can’t see them. They do NOT care if the game sucks (clearly) they only care about their good pay piggy’s giving them billions. But no body knows why this game is a garbage fire or why it will never change for the better, it can’t be from doing nothing and supporting them the entire time with money?!

  21. Why is a 10 min battle??!I didnt notice that ever before

  22. Dear God, this was an absolute emotional sprint Claus. It started innocently, but then it took a serious turn. I felt like I was watching a sports channel where the Stanley Cup is being played and the game is very critical. The players' emotions run wild and testosterone breaks hockey sticks and plexiglas. I'm glad I didn't miss your older video, your comments were amazing. You made me feel better and I had a great laugh. 🤣 Thanks Mate. 😉

  23. Recommend you avoid cans of soft drink marked with the letters R.E.D B.U.L.L 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Zerstört / Destroyed u say Verstört / disturbed

  25. Wow ! CLAUS … I thought you saw a mouse u Der your desk.. lol

  26. I didn't watch I just listened and laughed at the commentary

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