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i was originally planning to play a bunch of other tank games to determine which the most cursed tank game was, but i ended up realising that blitz was in fact the one….


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TheFatRat – Megalovania:

Mr. Krabs Rave – SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day:


  1. The cursed one and the event more cursed one
    1:55 me in my german heavy try to give all the damage to team

  2. lol this guy is such a sweat at the game but joe can you tell me how to get so much gold? i got none 🤣

  3. can you do the stock e 50, its pain when you fight with tier 10 and you cant pen the anyone, its so painful

  4. this is why u are noob u always try to rush them and then u die

  5. Next: +2 gun depression experience (play sta-1 but only in reverse)
    Objective: get 1 kill

  6. I wanna to see you play, BIG BOSS MODE

  7. im not alone with using crab rave to rec wot biltz

  8. world of tanks is one of best tank games in world. its only cursed when some1 plays like idiot.

  9. El rap de Fernanfloo el rap de Fernanfloo

  10. Roblox players are copying over million games without permission I can see also thats a crime, must stop

  11. is enybody know to install wot blitz on my pc

  12. Lol that literally what I experience in WOT blitz, but hey it fun

  13. It's world of tanks not world of tanks blitz

  14. I want to point out that the first tank game on the video, (Roblox) is a game I actually made

  15. this vid was posted on my birthday.. i just realised

  16. That not curse is just bad luck lol😶

  17. Joe you should play regular world of tanks and play tier 8, its the most cursed thing you will see.

  18. Play tanmk/cursed tank simulator on Roblox and real fun will begin!

  19. где русские субтитры 👋🏾

  20. *pov: you use Roblox mod to play world of tanks from Roblox*

  21. My guy, have you played cursed tank simulator? It's broken as hell

  22. Хмм что-то похожее было у сенсея, не взял ли ты его идею?)

  23. try googling "the most cursed tank game" onto google
    it literally comes up with "World of Tanks"

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