The Most Cinematic Tank Game in YEARS... -

The Most Cinematic Tank Game in YEARS…

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The Most Cinematic Tank Game in Years…

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Hell Let Loose Gameplay Overview:

Hell Let Loose is a realistic World War Two first-person shooter with open battles of 100 players with infantry, tanks, artillery, a dynamically shifting battlefield and a unique resource-based strategic meta-game. This is World War Two at a scale you’ve never played before.

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  1. Que juego es , es Pc , no esta en consola.

  2. A REALISTIC tank game with NON destructive buildings , huh …

  3. That coax gun sounds like a fucking airsoft. Weak and lame

  4. Love the tank gameplay in this. Mates and I exclusively play tanks, I don't think i've put more than about 10 minutes into the infantry.

  5. love reading comments, everyone no matter what they type will somehow shoehorn in the length of time they have played it
    ''my mum is fat, i been playing since before the beta'

  6. There is no recoil mechanics and tank suspension, also no destructive environment. How can you call this cinematic? It's rubbish.

  7. Tanks in a small town NEEDS troops on the ground…..troops in the open NEEDS armour support…..golden rule….

  8. Love the tanks in this game, so intens gameplay 🙂

  9. This was a really fun round bro! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Tired this out 1 time probably only played 15 mins it’s trash brujhhdhehdh

  11. Absolutely great team work. HLL is an incredible game. The realism is fantastic unlike any BF or COD game.

  12. Getting the new gen console just to play this game I love how realistic it is and how you have to be strategic

  13. I like the game but most the time there is no team work in the squads, i also feel the sound effects are just not good enough..

  14. Lol listening to the dick head in the tank who actually thinks he’s in a real battle …

  15. I Still think they need to fix the 30 Cal sound. It sounds so bland and lame. Nothing to what it sounds like in RL, and they can make it pop so much better in the game.

  16. My best match ever on here was on Purple heart lane, sat on the main road behind the environmental truck debris with as a 76. Killed 12 panthers and 13 tigers lol died twice, was epic

  17. Is it good on console? I understand it’s not battlefield. I’ve not played it but I’ve been watching it for awhile. I love ww2 tactical shooters

  18. Always adorable when nerds who have never been in the military try and talk tactically. So funny

  19. THIS is why i love HLL and why i played it for the last 2 years

  20. That's a heavy block you moved through. Nice team effort. 🙂

  21. This would be a dream come true – if it was single player. Such a shame it's online only trash.

  22. Ah yes… American Firefly's.
    Was that ever a thing??

    Ps. Great Video Karma, keep up the great work 👌🏻🤙🏻

  23. Cinematic, yeah but to much Arcade like Battlefield, that's why so many love it.

  24. That's not a 75 jumbo it's the jumbo 76 w look at the barrels that's to big to be a 75 he wouldn't have been able to pen the tiger front plate

  25. LT Dan and I have tanked together haha, funny seeing him in a video

  26. I had a server once.. really enjoyed it when it came out. The first weeks were super intense .. haven't played for ages but what about this pinging? That's totally ruining the immersion .. can you also ping buildings and windows 'n stuff? Please no :/

  27. This video made me buy the game finally.

  28. What game is these. I wished Xbox would bring out a real realistic tank game like these.

  29. I call bs on the Tiger kills. 76mm equipped Sherman ain’t going through the front of a Tiger unless it’s apcr ammo. You’d be lucky if you even had one of this type of round in WWII.

  30. This is my favorite game at the moment, so immersive. The issue I have at the moment is how the Sherman Firefly is superior to the Tiger- it moves faster, deflects more rounds, and reloads faster. It currently takes down a Tiger in 2 shots easily, whereas the Tiger sometimes deflects against the 76. And the faster reload speed means if you run up on a Tiger and you both start shooting at the same time the 76 will always win. Also the Panther can barely penetrate anything. This is what makes me choose US for tanking, which seems unrealistic. I get there needs to be game balance, but they should be even, at best.

  31. This looks amazing, everything World of Tanks and War Thunder are not. I cannot wait to pick this up!

  32. have you not played post scriptum?? way better

  33. Try out the new Post Scriptum Armoured Update. It is insane!

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