The M22 Locust -

The M22 Locust

War Thunder – Best moments
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We asked streamers about their favourite vehicle in War Thunder. Here is The_Janski1’s answer:

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  1. Wdym it's usless it's the best mbt in the game is it not?

  2. Can I send you guys the tank manual so it can be more accurate

  3. M22 locas:wait for me papa

    Bigger tank:ok son

  4. Having a low br tank with scouting/killing potential is actually a good play.
    Low risk
    High potential reward.

  5. People forget that its still a TANK its small but its a TANK, the things which gave ww1 soldiers nightmares and made them retreat by just looking at them, hearing the engines, seeing the ground shake and tremble, tanks are machines purely made to kill as many humans, render buildings to rubble and break through enemy lines as quickly as possible, these are things to be feared, from the m3 stuart to the mighty jagdtiger these are killing machines

  6. i dont want my mom to see that thumbnail (she wont even care about its content bc she doesnt know english)

  7. God I love leaking government documents cuz I can

  8. Me pica la pixula mientras me rasco comento esto hola danXXX

  9. Tbh I thought war thunder was one of those shit games but it looks good👀

  10. I saw a Sturmpanzer in 8.7 as I was playing T-10M and I disabled an enemy 9.3 vehicle for him to kill and after he killed it he just followed me everywhere but sadly he died to a HEAT shell as I got Helicopterred

  11. Someone else gets it. Games aren't about sweating they about having fun 😎

  12. "viable" is not the word i would use, but ok, it can be pretty fun

  13. It’s funny to have in the train and actually OP? Okay I will use it now

  14. I can just imagine what's next an Cv-33 that literally has a machine gun as it's main gun taking out a top tier tank

  15. I know y’all clicked on this video because of the 18+ sign 😂

  16. Ever played team fortress 2? Just think it’s the scout.

  17. Congratulations, this video got me to download war thunder.

  18. Bravo one mission has changed. Protect the lil baby.

    Some of y'all just read that in one of the old call of duty comm voice

  19. I love it when I’m working on tanks and I accidentally leave a jet in my lineup just getting pushed around in my slow tiny tank

  20. The "you'll get eaten" killed me

  21. world of tank is better,but that is actually COOL!

  22. Useless and annoying for two commands it's all you need to know now

  23. now i regret buying the Australian Abrams tank oh well that's just me i suppose

  24. "Protect the little one , NO MATTER THE COST"

  25. I always feel like a vip when i bring b29 to top tier jets

  26. I'm definitely meme train VIP guy. I miss when Locusts would spawn reliably at top tier…

  27. Yeah me and a couple buddies are guilty of protecting the small tank. Its genuinely just a nice pace of change and hallarious even if they are on the enemy team ive actually had one try to kill me but he couldn't hurt me so i jed out, nvr seen someone so happy in the chat before. There joy was worth it

  28. more of a parent protecting their child

  29. I took the M2A4 1.0 br into 8.6 by accident. Ended up with 2 kills on 9.0+ AA after driving Straight ttunthe middle of the mat to the enemy spawn. And then got my plane and got some more kills with bombs. Was a successful attack i would say

  30. I once killed a Sabre with a Swordfish 🙂

    Bribging these memes upnin high br id fun tho. Once i fought one in a bt-5 on br 9.7 😂

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