The Evolution of Tank Games (1974-2020) -

The Evolution of Tank Games (1974-2020)

Louay Khemiri
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The Evolution of Tank Games From 1974 to 2020
List 📑

►0:13 Tank 1974
►0:33 Combat 1977
►0:53 Battlezone 1980
►1:13 Robot Tank 1983
►1:33 Battle City 1985
►1:53 Arcticfox 1986
►2:13 Firepower 1987
►2:33 Sherman M4 1989
►2:53 Nova 9 The Return of Gir Draxon 1991
►3:13 Tokyo Wars 1996
►3:33 M1 Tank Platoon II 1998
►3:53 Panzer Front 1999
►4:13 Steel Beasts 2000
►4:33 Iron Warriors: T-72 Tank Commander 2004
►4:53 Panzer Elite Action: Fields of Glory 2006
►5:13 Steel Fury Kharkov 1942 2007
►5:33 World of Tanks 2010
►5:53 Steel Armor Blaze of War 2011
►6:13 Armored Warfare 2015
►6:33 War Thunder 2016
►6:53 Tanks VR 2018
►7:13 Tank Mechanic Simulator 2020

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  1. Tank games that can moves on left and right that's what it's called?

  2. Combat was my favorite on Atari 2600. I think that game also had fighters also

  3. Where's Battletanx: Global Assault? I played that game a lot on PS1

  4. Dang I thought I might find it here it was a Tank vs Tank a game that was pre installed in some PC the year was between 1999-2006 and I think helicopters were involved maybe

  5. Tank mechanic simulator is my favorite


  7. Can someone tell me the name of the game I Don't remember much but it's a tank fighting air units and you only go in a straight line

  8. Does anyone remember an old 2d scroller tank game. I dont remember much since i was very little when i played it but i know that you shoot other tanks coming your way and power ups droped in little balls with icons on them

  9. Nice video but you forgot Seek and Destroy for PS2. Is a game from 2002!

  10. Asking for an old pc tank game name
    In a game
    You can choose 3 type of tanks size small,medium,and large the game objective is you should take enemies flag and you can choose countries Like USA and some other please help

  11. The first tank game is available on Xbox one but it’s colourful on Xbox one and arcade is white because when the first tank game was made they didn’t know how to color games and in 1975 they found hoe to color games

  12. Does anybody remeber the name of the game which is a topdown online competitor shooter where you could be a tank, or scout car, or mortar and such? It was early 2000,s

  13. Panzer Front from PS1 was the one who made me a tank maniac till now lol. Too bad this video only shows the first-person shooting mode without any tank model detail showed. You can switch to the third-person view too (as the first-person view is for shooting only. The third-person view is for moving mode). IMO, it's pretty detailed compared to the other games in its era. It also has the weak spot and angle ricochet system.

  14. There was also a Tank game called Seek And Destroy for PS2. I played it a lot as well. Had a very large inventory of tanks….even though the tanks looked like toy versions of the real thing

  15. Arcticfox! When this was released i was just a kid. At 15 years old i was ready to leave school and enter the workforce. My good grades allowed me to take a work-study job in an up and coming field. As a temp worker i had already worked for some big name companies. Mostly taking a huge 3M tape out of one machine and putting it into another for hours a day(but i got to wear a cool little wristband that grounded me so i didnt get killed) After a few similar assignments where a 15 year old could be trusted i was told to go to Cambridge, Alewife business park, convieniently 3 minutes from the train. Like every kid then(and now) i was obsessed with gaming. Most of my lower class friends didnt play pc games, it was mostly nofriendo and italian plumbers.
    And then my life changed….. My supervisor told me my next assignment….i had never heard of them. It was a month long Customer Service gig. Typical for a teenager in Boston working the middle class temp field at the time. But this was different. I was nervous going in because the name of the place screamed boring statistical data entry type office….I mean how could a place named Infocom be anything but boring??
    Dont hafta tell you i was wrong. Here we get to the point of this comment….. Infocom had every type of computer available for me to do my job. If we made software or a game on a system, we had that system in the back room.
    When my 12:30 to 6pm shift was over it was gametime! For the next 5.5 hors i had free reign to play any infocom game. But thats not all….because the place was populated by ners games from stem to stern there was aso a ridiculous array of games to play. One of my favorites was Alternate Reality. But my favorite had to be Arcticfox!
    What a piece of machinery! With voosters to jump crevasses and some form of snowblower/shovel sysem to 'bury' the tank to hide its location or to spring ambushes it was the most fun i had as a kid. Thank you so much for sharing thwse great old games to the young kids. I hope they enjoy the foundation these games provided!

  16. Where's Recoil? It counts as a tank too, right?

  17. no mention of PANZER COMANDER, the SSI ww2 tank sim for win98 with realistic physics.

  18. Why are you showing a video of world of tanks 2018 and you said it was 2010

  19. Battlezone looks kinda cool at its time

  20. Wut? World of tanks can support android and ois whattttttt

  21. I am missing there one legendary game. Scorched Earth

  22. Did someone saw that he wrote War Thunde?

  23. battle city was such a great childhood, still remember playing it with my old man

  24. I think your missing a BIG one. Panzer Commander. 1998

  25. need help find a game,
    Game was an fps sci fi and had Heavy and medium tanks that are red and can be called upon on command iirc
    There was a mission where you were ambushed and went on to destroy some kind of base

  26. Can anyone tell me what the game in the 7th picture of the video is? I used to play it on my old iPad but it broke and I wanna get it again on a new one

  27. Dam, you missed one of the most fun tank games. Main reason why i watched this video just to find that tank game again.

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