The BTR is all you need | Roblox Multicrew Tank Combat 4 -

The BTR is all you need | Roblox Multicrew Tank Combat 4

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BTR-2AD APC Gunner Kill Montage

Game – Multicrew Tank Combat B1.2.3

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  1. We can just slap some bed frame in the side

  2. how can i zoom in on the view in the viewfinder?

  3. How menacing would it be playing infantry and you casually see this thing's turret slowly turn towards you, knowing it has an autocannon where any single bullet slightly grazing you is enough to blow you to bits.

  4. Me and my Friend drove A BTR into the lake in the Arctic Base Map, He said it was to Ambush. I said Submarine.

  5. I know that the creator needs money, but he didn't want to put the gamepes as a benefit in the game he could have put them as costemics

  6. This maight come late but how do i turn on the radio?? Cant find anything online


  8. Ifv is the most broken vehicle in the game

  9. Ah yes, there is always one who decides to play nasty with that thing ingame 😂

  10. By chance, how do you get the slat armour on the BTR?

  11. Tbh these are supposed to be used in combined arms warfare with infantry I never use these because they suck at penetration

    With the level of armor this has you are better off with a TOWVEE
    all around good for mobility Warfare aside from that glorified coffin with armor

    The LAV is superior because of the 30mm chaingun more firepower

    Meaning you have a 10% chance of killing something unless you get hit by the worst shot possible doesn’t matter from what angle you die

    Good video

    Keep in mind any heat shell from any angle or spot will either set you on fire or kill the entire crew

  12. Ehh… I want to ask how I located or marked a place ? I can’t find it in the game wiki. But I had do this accidentally before, also I remembered my teammates had do this before.

  13. Autocannon playing dirty, but they dead at far range fight to mbt for sure

  14. What button do you use to aim the target?

  15. And now the bradley is actually in the game so you can re-create the intro!

  16. you can drive and shoot at the same time?

  17. Yo would you like to become an efficent crew with me like driver gunner or something

  18. Im mobile and all i got as kills were unsuspecting people also tip: use apfsds against heavy Armour and HEAT against light armour

  19. How do you have that RPG cage around your BTR?

  20. The fact that the BTR-80 with cages is for 1000 robux gives me goosebumps

  21. How did you get cages on the btr80a

  22. how to find good teammates, 90% of people are idiots and don't know how to do their job

  23. Nice video!

    How did you get the scope and do those cages work as armor or are they just cosmetical?

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