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It’s not an AM video without some friendly fire folks.
In terms of Tank Simulators, this one really might take the cake. Like what you see? Then like, comment and subscribe so that we can earn our place in the algorithm. #GHPC #gunnerheatpc


  1. Nice FF on your own Bradleys 🤣 This game looks sweet. Can't wait to play it when it comes out

  2. finally the last tank sim to come out in 13 trillion years

  3. Man, they really should add some screaming platoon commander on the radio when you make a blue on blue fire

  4. ty for the vid, that game looks awesome. Agrippa, get in my tank 🙂

  5. At least those Bradleys won't be captured by the enemies. Clever tactic

  6. Glad that you're covering GHPC! It's a promising tank game that sets apart from the free to play tank games.

  7. GHPC has promise, I enjoyed the demo, however, my favorite Cold War tank sim is Graviteam's Steel Armor: Blaze of War. That one is tough–well because it's made by Graviteam, and it's in the desert with a lot less places to hide, and a cockpit view to make you feel that you're inside a tank with a very limited view, among other simulated things that it offers as a hardcore tank sim. It requires dedication to master as any Graviteam game does. I enjoy the T-62, with my desert camo, hunting down the M-60 and their mobile infantry support.

    At this point, in my mind, GHPC currently pales in comparison to the more "simulated" and "hardcore" SABoW. I'd prefer GHPC head in that direction with an option to either be simulated or not, of course, for those that want to play on casual. At the moment, though, the paltry camera views make it much easier. I beat the few scenarios I played on the first attempt. In SABoW, I normally lose, with my T-62 on fire, and my men the same. Like my favorite flight sims, DCS and IL-2, it requires dedication to git gud, especially DCS. I personally think GHPC needs to be more difficult, and head towards an optional, full simulation (with restrictive internal views–driver, gunner, loader, commander) like its counterparts on the ground and in the air respectively–SABoW and DCS.

    Not to be unkind or dismissive of GHPC, I do enjoy what it has to currently offer at this stage of development, but to be honest, it's not quite a simulator…yet.

  8. Disagree with the video title, its more like: A good tank game has arrived.

  9. Pretty cool but for me the most realistic tank combat of any game was Red Orchestra’s where you were locked in the seat of a crew member in first person and could see – gruesomely – what happens when the armor fails to stop shells

  10. been waiting a long time since M1 Tank Platoon to try my hand at another tank game … also, you took out half the friendly forces on the map

  11. I loved how some friendly forces were moving by hoping to enjoy an uneventful patrol and gets vibe checked by own Allie’s

  12. So…you'd expect somebody who is into tank Sims to be able to easily recognize a Bradley…

  13. Kids, this is why you dont skip vehicle ID class😬

  14. I was going to make a remark about blue on blue but then i noticed everone else had too lol nice one grippa dont join up tho proberbly best lol

  15. all i seen was a black screen on night mode, looks good though

  16. Bro that's your team u shooting at 😂😂😂

  17. Any WW2 vehicles and campaign to expect from this title?

  18. Well I am definitely interested since it is advertised as single-player and looks like it has campaigns?
    But I can't seem to find simple info yet. I want to play on the German side and I much prefer the WW2 tanks over the modern ones with too many bells and whistles. Guess I'll wait until someone writes a good comprehensive review.

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