THE BEST TANK GAME (World of Tanks) -

THE BEST TANK GAME (World of Tanks)

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  1. worst gameplay in world of tanks ive ever seen… even for someone who has never heard of world of tanks

  2. Try world of tanks blitz it's also fun but it's only 7v7

  3. I played world of tanks for a long time i have so many tanks

  4. Tip: If you want to do critical damage it’s best if you flack them and shoot them at the back Why? It’s because the exhaust is in the back and can lead to the engine like so SSundee can see

  5. sundeee can you play commandandoquqer gernals

  6. use german tanks cuz they have the best tanks in this game

  7. i play it too , i play world of tanks BLITZ not wot

  8. i tried to play this game this is so cool! but i delete it because i have so many assigntments 🙁

  9. I like your videos but I got a disagree not the best tank game try war thunder much better but nice video

  10. I like the video goed job but not best tank game go try war thunder but nice job at vid your one of my fave tuber

  11. SSundee you should play war thunder. It's a better version of world of tanks

  12. World of tank blitz i ever already play this

  13. Down front tank if you shoot it make more damage

  14. I play it theres world of tanks blitz, world of tanks, world of warships, world of warships legends and world of warships blitz

  15. Ssundee/ this is intense me/ do you know what's also intense, Camping

  16. Now try war thunder and grind until time ends

  17. KV-2 really hits like a truck going 1000 KPH to a bacteria.

  18. Me a very experienced world of tank player watching gameplay and tank setup.. Why must u hurt me so much without your knowledge (also im 15 literally when on SSundee after a while and first thing i remember on this video.. Shell shock so much nasalgia)

  19. sundee first tank he plays

    kv2 he is part of the kv 2 clan

  20. U should try warthunder its good military game

  21. Being a history buff this is very exciting for me

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