THE BEST TANK GAME (World of Tanks) -

THE BEST TANK GAME (World of Tanks)

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  1. There's actually a better tank game called WAr THuDeR

  2. It's not the best tank game no more good sir, in fact, their game is dying on every new update and is losing players.

  3. I have not play world of tanks but world of tanks blitz is also same and I don’t know you play world of tanks and is sooo fun

  4. And I have KV-2 too and I have KV-1S and I’m saving for maus and E 100

  5. And my KV-2 is max upgrade and KV-1S is max upgrade

  6. But I don’t have pc so I play in mobile in all games

  7. He always explains for hours (totally lying)

  8. As a world of tanks player who loves the kv2 the way you set it up made me cringe so hard

  9. first round SSSUNDEEE ur a heavy tank
    your suppose to support us teammates

  10. POV: you play both war thunder and world of tanks because they are both decent games in what they are trying to make

    (EDIT: also Germany has made the most recognizable tanks in history, change my mind)

  11. On mobile you can go to App Store and get “world of tanks BLITZ” but it has less tanks. It’s on mobile.

  12. I find it funny how people don't think of war thunder when they see this game, it's also free and the exact same thing just more realistic lol

  13. I play the game I and I have the best tanks including the E 100

  14. now he can remember his army days and tell his kids

  15. Did he just call a KV-2 a “long range sniper”??

  16. Umm i think the kv-2 is not a sniper tank…

    uknow he has the OBJ 257!!!!

    AND HE HAS ISU 152!!!!! ( but i love this video and i know he probably doesnt know much )

  17. Wow i cant believe how many veiws u have i thought there would be more also plz do more of this

  18. I have not yet seen this video before some how, i been subscribed for 3 or 4 years

  19. This is cool my favorite tank is maus or king tiger tank

  20. SSundee's regular fans: Cool vid!
    WoT players: i cant watch its so bad

  21. Sundee:start playung wot with tiers 10 9 and 8
    Me:start playing with tiers 1

  22. I love how he has no idea what these tanks are

  23. ꧁𝕂𝕀ℕ𝕆𝕊𝕌𝕂𝕀ℕ1442꧂ says:

    Wow I don't know you play World of Tanks

  24. Ah yes a game where ssundee dont even use a tactic

  25. Uhm the code doesnt work for me is that a glitch?

  26. ssundee im pro at playing world of tanks i got is 4

  27. Why does this video remind me of his old terratech series

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