The BEST Tank Game on PS4 | Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match -

The BEST Tank Game on PS4 | Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match

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My god it’s all just dialogue…
Hopefully you guys still enjoy regardless I tried my best to make it entertaining but this is certainly a tricky game to make commentary for.

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  1. "The Best tank game on PS4"

    Sad War Thunder noises

  2. World of tank academy but anime girl version.

  3. You should watch the anime, it’s absolutely epic.

  4. What are you running this on!? I can hardly get 30fps on my PS4

  5. You gotta watch the anime or else… I’ll be really mad

  6. This is such a god tier meme game that is actually pretty fun. The only thing that was annoying was that it was japan only for some reason and it cost almost 70 dollars to order it online.

  7. This game's Panzer IV shooting Tigers and Panthers on their front armor:

    World of Tanks Panzer IV shooting other medium tanks:
    That one bounced
    We didn't even scratch them
    We didn't penetrate their armor

  8. i have this game on my own and i thing it's better then war thunder cuz those lazy frickers removed maus and here you don't need to grind for hours to unlock 1 TANK

  9. “Best tank game on ps4, do not @ me.” I WILL @ you @ConeOfArc it’s not a good tank game unless you get to play as Maus!


  11. me: sees helmet-chan in the thumbnail.
    also me: instantly likes

  12. The only reason you survived so long was because they were struggling to kill the hetzer, as soon as it died they just wiped you lol

  13. I would like to play this, too bad sony is stupid, no reason to be unavailable to the north american PS store…

  14. Is this free? and if soo am going to storm this game and pick the Italian team because i want to lose or sleep the entire match.

  15. girls talk as long as there is nothing in their mouth…..

  16. WTF….Miho never says Panzer Vor like in the show edit *My bad,she actually says it before battle starts*….I just didn't see it

  17. War thunder is triggered for what u just said

  18. 𝐊𝐚𝐨𝐦𝐢 𝐒𝐞𝐧𝐩𝐚𝐢 says:

    Did you order this on amazon? the same idea I was thinking too. Because it's a wonderful game so have fun
    It is so satisfying.

  19. i tried the story mode and i swear it's like an hour of dialog for 2 minuets of game play.

  20. If anyone can help I’m from the US I like to play this game but for some reason I can’t play online when I try to play an online match and there isn’t anyone else

  21. We're can I get this game without paying a small fortune?

  22. Dont you play a adult game like world of tanks very popular with 80 millions of player world wide

  23. Had go through play asia, buy a jp psn card and also create a Japanese psn account to get the game. I wanted to play it as son as possible so I went with the digital. played it for 2 days and somehow it's an meh game. it wasn't something I really needed but it's good to have anyway. By the way it runs decent on ps5, might be a little shading problems on the tank but that's fine. welp back ghost of tsushima then.

  24. Me first time see it:BORING GAME
    Me after see loli Stalin:

  25. It still bugs me that Azur lane crosswave did get an eueopean release and this game not

  26. I literally bought a switch just because of this game

  27. Is there a way to buy this in the United States ?

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