The BEST AUTOCANNON In The Game | Cursed Tank Simulator -

The BEST AUTOCANNON In The Game | Cursed Tank Simulator

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The Fusiler LARP is a tier 8 cannon that was in May’s daily rewards list, and it is very good at killing tanks.

So I decided that a montage would fit the cannon to describe just how good it is.

Play the funny tanmk game here

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  1. youtube think its tanki online💀💀💀💀

  2. You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the AC users, not join them!

  3. It feel like it not powerful the hesh can't kill r3 in one shot

  4. Damn with edit and rtx (maybe? idk), its so cool now

  5. How did this man get such a bright flashlight?

  6. good pen and others but the ammo capacity bruh…..
    ahh yes livestream theme intro waiting (btw what is the theme)
    "i hate ac users"

  7. the larp needs to be nerfed or upteired BADLY its super un balanced especially in tier 7-8 witch is already super un balanced


  9. When i got that LARP from daily rewards i thought it was gonna be trash but i started using it. My god it can even kill tier 10 tanks

  10. We gon to destroy maus with this ac 🗣🗣🗣🔥🔥🔥

  11. That 380 mm standing in the corner menacingly😑

  12. kaify plepase link you're music you're use in you're videos caify..,, in vido desctiption. this gives me lidfe, ozygen, and ozobe layer kaify. ifnyou could link the muic caify, i will be rievitalized laify. please do it oify 😤😤😤😤😤 music linkz oelpleas..

  13. Tbh I’d say it should be uptiered to tier 9 (as it is as good as if not better than fusi II and Pom Pom X) and the size of the smoke cloud should be reduced so you can see when firing in gunner sight. Very swag video tho keep up the good work.

  14. I wonder if theres an A39 Tortoise Hull or T95/T28, or Minecraft tank Set, basically Minecraft textures tank, and theres a WW2 and WW1 Versions, or a Karl Gerat/ Mörser Karl Hull, or FlakPanther
    Oh and He doesnt Care about my comments, so i just Comment randomly on Live chat, on Kaify Live Stream

  15. how many bullets can you shoot before it overheats and stops shooting

  16. and this is the perfect example of nerfing this ac gun's HEAT-FS shells due to how ''balanced'' they are. Plus, the fact that so many people cant continue to play in tier 7-8 because of the larp makes me wonder how the next line of cts players will ever continue their journey towards tier 11-12.

  17. i was so close on getting this gun in dailies

  18. I have been wondering about doomsday cannon and I don’t know how to get it but I like your vids btw

  19. what game do you wanna make content after cts……… you know goes dark?

  20. im not mistake slamander *its a MASTERPEICE lizard says:

    kaifyy went crazy , 33 kills

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