The Best and Worst Tank Ultimates in Overwatch 2! #overwatch2 #overwatch #gaming #shorts -

The Best and Worst Tank Ultimates in Overwatch 2! #overwatch2 #overwatch #gaming #shorts

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  1. I can’t believe she put Zarya over Wrecking ball

  2. Fists ult is a mess to use since it's damage output isn't to high but what makes it great is the faster charge for his other abilities

  3. Doom deserves a special F tier considering this tier list takes into account, enemies at least having a kiriko. If not, most these ultimates would go up pretty far, especially junker queen. Doom meanwhile, is still complete and utter dogshit, sometimes your punch literally just wont get charged, absolutely 0 reason, it just decides out of the blue that it just doesn’t want to be charged after using your ult. I once hit ana who was already on like 150 hp with my ult and she was literally one step outisde of the epicenter and it did not kill, it took her down to like 100 health

  4. So much counters to Sigma s ult and he's still A tier??? Lol 😆. Makes no sense

  5. Ever since they added Kiriko, the game has permanently changed in terms of interaction and viability

  6. They should make Ramattra's ult be 6 seconds at base instead of 4 and make the max duration like 12 or 14

  7. Boy this aged well huh.
    How do you feel about Ramattras ult now lasting 20 seconds tops? And the extra 12% decrease in the progress of acquiring your ult?

  8. Fire at wi- nerf thi- Ryuuga Wagatekiwo K- die Die D- JUSTICE RAINS FROM ABOVE

  9. As roadhog I love bullying rammatra when he has his ult with my own

  10. Reinhardt walked so sigma could fly. Except they have literally zero similarities

  11. I disagree with your Rinehart category. I think it’s at least a B very good for mowing down teams. Yes, it could be countered but that’s just being a good Reinhart❤😂

  12. Fun fact they will nerf rams ult by making the max duration it can last 20 seconds if it makes uninterrupted contact.

  13. According to the wiki you can't cleanse Zarya's ult.

  14. Doomfists ult is actually crazy if you’re good at predicting where people will walk

  15. I'm a orisa main and I think I would put it a B tier because it's not as powerful and you get shot easily

  16. I would say shatters higher especially since you can spam it with how fast you gain it it’s not outstanding but I’d say B

  17. No don't change ramattra ult. It's perfect. It u bust down ramattra ult u feel like u actually busting a f ing ult

  18. junker queen in D? you just don't know how to play her

  19. I lost all respect When you put the hamster in D tir

  20. I'm so dumb, I thought the board behind you was a real person rating ults with you 🤣😂

  21. That list shows why ur ass is stuck in bronze 3

  22. Bruh if you just dont know how to play junkerqueen just say it. Her ult is incredible and very Nice to push with the team. And for those who says "yeah but kiriko exists" F U cuz she can counter almost every caracter's ult. It's just like saying that rein's ult is useless (or any type of other ult) just because of one ability from ONE caracter

  23. Am I the only one that’s mad confused by the man in the background? Lmao

  24. Infinite ult doesn't make it good u are just bad if u can't walk away

  25. >you can cancel zarya ult
    >B tier
    >you can cancel sigma ult
    >C tier

  26. How do you poot orisas ulty higher than d.vas …. its literaly a second life with the ability off 1soting… orisas … is bad bro you have to be in range fir it to waek

  27. Grav is so good and even if they counter it they usually use too much cooldowns

  28. if you are smart you will wait for the cleanse to be used for junker queens ult and then use it

  29. Ok but where did you get that guy as a cardboard cutout that's hilarious

  30. Rein ult is still one of the best, even if it gets cleaned, they have to do an animation getting up, giving you extra time to get them or get to them, just rein that sucks

  31. dva ultimate just make her regain all her life and all of her cooldowns so it's quite op

  32. I’m trying to figure out if the guy in the background is real

  33. Mum yes cleanse the force of gravity itself

  34. if you know how to use dooms ult it’s at least a B imo

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