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TANKS video games evolution [1974 – 2023]

Video Games Evolution
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The evolution of tanks video games since 1974.

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0:00 1974
0:10 1976
0:20 1977
0:30 1978
1:00 1980
1:20 1981
1:40 1982
2:00 1983
3:00 1985
3:20 1986
3:50 1988
4:20 1989
4:40 1990
5:10 1991
5:30 1993
5:40 1994
6:00 1997
6:20 1998
6:40 1999
7:50 2000
8:30 2002
9:00 2005
9:10 2006
10:00 2007
10:30 2008
10:40 2011
10:50 2012
11:10 2013
11:40 2014
11:50 2015
12:10 2016
12:30 2018
12:50 2019
13:10 2020
14:10 2021
14:30 2022


  1. As a Korean, best tank game was the Fortress series 😂 Fortress 2 was the GOAT game.

  2. Why did I come here with an old game in mind only to find out it was 1980's "Battlezone". This was some years before I was born. Did Windows run it as a built-in game with their future versions?

  3. I have been searching for an Arcade game since the 1980's… It is a tank game that has the same look and feel as Vindicators. The game had all of the regular controls of a good tank game; two joysticks and fire buttons. It had a special feature where you can pull the 2 joysticks (that drove the tank) away from each other (One Left, The other Right). When you do this, the tank on the screen, would tilt backwards with its nose in the air and allow you to shot a shot into the air like a mortar round. I used to spend every single quarter that i came into contact with into that machine…. Can you help me find out what it is called?

  4. Ehem ehem….and maybe the best from 2022 to actually:

  5. Thank you for the memories but they’re still one arcade game missing I forget what it’s called. The controls were exactly like a tank with the two levers but the thing that was different is the tank would roll. The game came out during the time late 80s maybe the 90s this is the second video is a lot more specific, if you could find it for me, I greatly appreciate it

  6. Recoil was my best game that I played in my childhood

  7. Nice but you missed wii play tanks 2006 such a fun game to play

  8. anyone recall that one top down tank games available on handhelds like psp/psvita (i can't remember the exact device i used)? it has lecrec, merkava, and etc. dang i forgot the title of that game

  9. I used to play Battle Tanks All the time on my N64

  10. FIRST BATALIN 2004 ???????😢😢😢😢😢

  11. Where are Tiger vs T34? T-72 Balkans on Fire? Steel Beasts 1 and Steel Beasts Pro PE?Sorry you managed to cram in some stupid arcades but forgot few of the major titles from this genre. Thumbs down.

  12. The evolution of tank games since 1974. Please feel free to mention in comments any games that may have been overlooked in this video. Thanks

  13. i was just helicopter evolution on this channel and now that

  14. 1977's Combat unlocked a huge amount of nostalgia. In 1995 when i was 12 we still owned an Atari 2600 and we played the living hell out of this game when we stayed indoors in the summertime. And i will say that for a game of that era, its a very functional and easy game to play. I would recommend it.

    1980s Battlezone. Another game i played, this time on an old laptop

  15. Fifth! :(( But I still believe that I will be the first one someday!

  16. Have you missed Batlle Tank on Super Nintendo.

  17. 4:00, my brother and I played the crap out of this one when we were kids.💪

  18. Tread Marks (2001 – PC) Pure fun multiplayer arena with awesome weapons. Freeware & open source since 2017.
    Gunner, HEAT, PC! (2022 – PC) Hard simulation

  19. Mí dos favoritos es Battlezone de Atari 2600 y Battle City de NES.
    EL PRIMERO UNA LOCURA GRAFICA para la época, tal vez el de mejores gráficos del sistema y el segundo, con muy poco, divierte mucho

  20. From what i can think of except Battle City which lack of is really bad for the video.
    Phantompanzer on Atari 2600, little known game but really cool.
    Gear up – it was multiplayer only, i dunno it is still playable

  21. The author of the video, why is there no "Battle City" from the NES/Dendy console? The greatest tank game in history! The most favorite game of childhood.

  22. For War Thunder, a lot since then has changed, from WW2 tanks to now modern tanks!

  23. Ah, Armor Battle, so many memories. I played it for months and months with my father.

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