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Tanks attacked the enemy. Tank for kids. World of tanks cartoon. Monster Truck Cartoons for children

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0:31 Next, in the animation about tanks, the real battle of two monsters begins. The steel tank feels that it will lose, but does not give up.
1:11 Steel tank managed to break off the horn of a monster tank. The latter was very angry and went on the attack. It was the most fierce battle in the world of tanks. The steel tank is dead. Tanks attacked the enemy
2:05 Cartoon about tanks talks about the fact that the tank monster decided to call his friend from a parallel dimension. He felt that he was losing ground and needed help. Monster Truck Cartoons for childre
2:09 At this time, the monster tank was fighting in another dimension. He was just about to destroy the last opponents and rushed to the attack.
2:48 Suddenly, a portal appeared in the path of a monster tank. The tank drove into it and disappeared from the battlefield, leaving its opponents confused.
2:59 In the finale of the animation about tanks for children, a tank servant arrives at his master. He is unhappy that he could not finish the battle with enemy tanks.
3:16 Tank monster informs his newly arrived comrade about his insidious plan of enslaving the world of tanks.
3:26 Series cartoon about tanks ends with the fact that the servant agrees to fulfill the will of the commander of the tank. What will result in this conspiracy, you will learn in the next series.
0:06 Cartoon about tanks for children talks about the peaceful village of green tanks. They all lived in love and harmony.
0:37 Suddenly, we see that enemies are advancing on the village – a monster tank and an arsonist tank, known in the world of tanks for its cruelty.
0:51 An elder tank appears in the path of uninvited guests. He asks the monsters to get out of the village.
1:01 Instead of leaving, the monster tank destroys the elder and orders the arsonist to destroy everything in its path.
1:14 Green tanks begin the battle for their native village. The world of tanks has never seen such a battle.

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