TANK GAME w/ Tommyinnit, Georgenotfound, Quackity and Philza (08-31-2021) VOD - panicarts.com

TANK GAME w/ Tommyinnit, Georgenotfound, Quackity and Philza (08-31-2021) VOD

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Ranboo plays Shellshock Live with a group of friends, Tommyinnit, Georgenotfound, Quackity and Philza, switching to Minecraft before ending his stream.

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  1. I thought I was watching an old vod but then I heard jack and I knew he was there last time and low and behold a new vod

  2. there where so many people in the call and i was trying to work out who was in there
    and now my brain is in pain

  3. tommy freaking out about college hours is really relatable tbh

  4. What’s more chaotic?
    This stream
    Tubbo in the background

  5. You forgot the ft. Tubbo Radom screaming in the background

  6. 19:10 this is what happens when you put big Q, tommy, and george in a call together

  7. 1216 people were sus today.

  8. I watched this full stream when it was live

    I have no regrets

    (Also 51:48 everyone in chat was like "OH GOD NOOOO")

  9. Actual footage of my brain during a test

  10. can someone please give me a timestamp for when tommy stops talking about his room

  11. Ranboo are you aware that it says "Sus today" instead of "Subs today"?

  12. I skipped forward a little and now everyone's autotuned while ranboos asking for help……

    Wtf happened

  13. the su(b)s today is back 😀
    any sus today???

  14. I just love how history repeats itself. Years ago I was watching my favorite YouTubers play this game and now my new favorite YouTubers have discovered it.

  15. Every Shell Shock stream just devolves within the first 10 minutes into a raucous fever dream that you can never wake up from.

  16. I have a strange hobby and I didn’t know what to do with my hands while watching this so I started finger knitting. I only know how to make scarves but I can make those scarves into rugs. It’s become a little obsessive recently and I have gone through 3 rolls of yarn before today. I have 2 more rolls left.

  17. i used to have a heart on my comment, or did i? you will never know…

  18. I am slowly losing brain cells watching this. I need those brain cells for school HELP ME

  19. Ranboo: how did I teleport?🧐
    Me: Mhmm idk maybe Bc your a ENDERMAN but u never know😊

  20. watching the stream for the second time bc i have nothing in life other than watching people play games hoorayyyyy

  21. I love how you can hear Tubbo screaming in the background sometime

  22. On the minecraft part
    I’m half expecting there to be nothing changed and half expecting weirdness

    Of course it’s the boom sound effect

  23. to my futer self dose the block just say sub to ranboo

  24. Not sure if anyone noticed but it says sus today instead of subs-

  25. watching this and doing my homework is really an experience lol

  26. My schools mascot is the raiders so when he says welcome raiders I think he is talking to the school I’m at

  27. I'm waiting for Ranboo to be doing some kind of serious lore and have accidentally left this on XD

  28. Poor ranboo doesn't have the guts to pretend he's 18 and get high

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