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Tank game in Unity 2D- Tilemaps – P1

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In this Unity tutorial we will learn how to use Tilemaps to create map with obstacles. This is the first video of the 2D Top Down Tank game tutorial series. Playlist

00:00 Introduction
00:22 Projects setup
00:50 Preparing sprites
01:55 Creating a Tilemap
02:43 Creating Tile Palette
03:41 Adding Tiles to Tile Palette
04:13 Placing Tiles on the Tilemap
05:10 Rotating and Mirroring tiles
05:58 Placing Tiles that are smaller
08:11 Setting Sorting Layers
09:38 Tile Palette has the wrong size!
11:06 Adding Tilemap Collider
12:49 Tank Game Tilemap Design
13:55 Fixing Gaps / Tearing between tiles!

Scripts and UnityPackages:
Full project:

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  1. Im very, very late but it says that the assets don't exist anymore when I click the link in descriptionedit: I mean the page doesn't existedit 2: Nevermind I figured it

  2. hi i am a beginner, i have downloaded full project can you please tell me how to run it?? from the very basics… please

  3. Love your content. I have one question. I have downloaded the same pack from kennys but it doesnt include the corner transition tiles. How would I go about getting them?

  4. thanks for this great stuff as a unity beginner i learn a lot
    but now i wanna help in adding a specific functionality that is when the tank encounter with a specific obstacle he had to solve a simple quiz in a prompt window and after successful solution he can get a reward (health or something like) .

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