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Tank Game in Scratch 3.0 || Part – 1

Coding With Ashutosh
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Tank Game in Scratch 3.0 || Part – 1

☣ Link for the costumes, sprites and the game:

Hello everyone! In this video, we’ll be coding a tank game in Scratch 3.0!

We’ll be covering:
📌How to make a sprite point towards the mouse pointer and move in that direction.
📌How to make a sprite follow/chase another sprite
📌How to make an effect upon a sprite dying
📌How to make a shooting effect when a key is pressed
📌How to change sprite life and health during game

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  1. do some improvements, and put more gameplay. but other than that, this is helpful

  2. I can't open link in discription please tell

  3. Hi Ashutosh! Happy Deepavali. i know you are Indian so Happy Deepavali

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