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Tank Game Code Review

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Code Reviewing a Tank Game sent in by a fan who wished not to be named. Overall, good job.

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Hope you enjoyed the video!

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  1. the reason this code is in python 2, cause it's copied from an old book on pygame

  2. we need more of these videos where we can send our codes, its so much to learn

  3. It is great.. now I am thinking to share my code as well 😀

  4. Great job bro . Keep going . This kind of videos that show the errors are helpful .

  5. Hey! Even though I don't code in python I found this video interesting. I'm currently creating really simple rpg game in c++. Could you review it if it ever gets finished? It's most likely going to be quite messy since I'm beginner and I stared this project to get used to using classes in other files etc. (If you don't code in c++ sorry, I'm new to this channel)

  6. Can you show the game how does it look after compilation

  7. feel like there should be accuracy, you can't hit 100% of times

  8. I would add the miss hit, like a there is a range and if the random number is outside a range of precision the hit will miss

  9. Thank you man! Keep doing videos. Please do a game in JAVA review.

  10. One thing I have noticed in your videos is you use % string formatting instead of .format. This code review highlights a great reason to always use .format. The issue where the Author didn't case his class reference to a string when printing. If the author had used .format they would never have to hard cast to a string. .format does that for you. Also .format is faster than %. Except when logging, if you are logging and care about speed then use % (but who really cares about speed while also logging…) Another great reason is readability. You can have a string like this: 'hello my name is, {name}. I am from {location}!'.format(name='Bob', location='Texas')

  11. I really like these code review videos, because they show you bad habits and how to correct them. When you are learning you are bound to pick up some "hacks" or habits, because you did one thing just to make it work without realizing that there might be a better way to do it. Its a great way to further improve your coding skills, after you picked up the basics.

    For example, the first time i ran into list comprehension, i was like "Oh. That could have saved me so much time"…

  12. Just found your channel, and wanted to say this is actually a super cool series. I only have some "games" that're terrible and I'd be scared to show (or at least it'd look terrible lol), so I'll just keep those to myself 🙂
    But keep the series up!

  13. Just for Python? Do you have Thoughts on C++?

  14. Do reviews have to be python? Love the vids 🙂

  15. I'm trying to send my code to you, but it keep saying delivery failure.

  16. Where is the tank? I haven't seen any thank! 😛 Anyway, you are the best code reviewer I've ever seen! Keep going!

  17. Loving your very engineer font and colour choices for your videos 😉

  18. Hi big fan here, how do you mark and change all the prints in one go? can you do that on windows?

  19. I've got an absolute mess of an MS-DOS 16 bit real mode game that I might send in. It's a simple Pong clone using VGA graphics, and no sound. All the game code is in main.c, with keyboard.c, video.c, and timing.c acting as a library of sorts.

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