Tank Game Basics! How to build, animate and control a tank [Unity 2018 intermediate tutorial] - panicarts.com

Tank Game Basics! How to build, animate and control a tank [Unity 2018 intermediate tutorial]

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Create a small tank game. Learn how to build, animate and control 2D tanks using free assets. Full C# script included.


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  1. Greetings, friend. Excellent video, I have learned a lot with your projects. One question: when I press the key to the right, it doesn't rotate to the right but moves downward rotating to the right, which does not happen with the key on the left which rotates to the left forwards. What could be the error..?

  2. haj hans jeg mangler nogle ting under Import Package bla Character Controller mvh Nicholas

  3. Hi, I'm a student of the unity3d engine, I would like to learn about movements with boats, helicopters, tanks, planes, submarines, could you teach us? I use the 2019 version as importing these packs that you used, I do not see this option here in the unity hub, thank you

  4. good, i´m from Brasil, learning shoting ?

  5. I loved the tutorial but i need it for mobile. Can you plz do this using a Joystick for mobile? Plz?????? There's a free joystick pack too

  6. It's a shame its outdated and not working with latest unity…

  7. Dont waste your time, Its too old and not working…

  8. hey hi can teach us how to make 3d tank modals plz

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