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Tank Fighting Animation with The Hot Wind Blowing

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“I’m Khamsin, a.k.a. the desert storm.”

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  1. there should be a movie where these badass mecha alien giants are hyped up to be the gods of the universe or some shit but then some kid that watches anime hops in a tank and finesses them all

  2. Upon the battle feild of oil and blood, he descends from the heaven to desecrate those who oppose his creators. Those who fear the bite of his treads and the boom of his guns calls him……….. The beast made of steel

  3. I heard about this game in one Russian social network called “Vkontakte” or simply VK… and I can say it’s actually beta.

  4. Switch axe users in monster hunter rise be like:

  5. "Bow down to me stupid pipe car."

    "Shut up stupid futuristic mech, all that power and you're still a dude in a tin can suit that can't beat a tank."

  6. Teach me your ways, oh wise and mighty M48 Patton!

  7. Ik it has had to have been said by now, but this is a weapon to surpass Metal Gear

  8. Any in-game tank fight: “John, get behind him.”
    That same fight in lore:

  9. how reformist mfs think the M48 performs in combat 💀

  10. that one Transformer who just refuses to transform

  11. Glad to see the girls from Girls Und Panzer can hold their own against a Gundam lol

  12. Why do i feel like the tank is using some of Raiden's moves? Like i cant put my finger on it, but it feels a lot like that

  13. When the tank crew has the power of god and anime on their side

  14. Just imagine if this was made into an Actual game

  15. What's that Tanks DPI?!
    It's over 9000!!!

  16. So a Tank that moves like a fighting game character vs a Banana boat with arms and legs.

  17. This makes me want an over the top tank fighting game soooooo bad!

  18. Shame the project isnt being worked on anymore 🙁

  19. the tank does not have to worry about the square cube law

  20. I'd hate to be the commander nor the crew of this tank and battle.

  21. Psychiatrist: "Every Dream has a meaning."
    My Dream:

  22. most powerful type 61 crew vs worst Zaku pilot, UC 0079

  23. As hilarious and awesome as the tank moves are, I really dig the jet-powered quarterstaff the mech has as a weapon.

  24. Mech enjoyer vs least skilled world of tank M48 user

  25. Bro, I'm willing to play any fighting game with good net code, this looks hilarious, slap some multiplayer with some roll back, and we'll be chillin

  26. Metal Gear Rising:But on a budget
    (Btw love this animation it's so FUCKEN AMAZING 🤩👍)

  27. Secret transformers devastation decepticons DLC

  28. Ah, the age old argument; tanks or mechs, which is better overall?

  29. He stopped making this shit, although this thing is divine

  30. im just wondering what's going on inside that tank bro XD

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