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Tank Commander REACTS to Squad | Total Recoil

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Welcome back to another tasty episode of Total Recoil, our great Host Israel Wright is going to question and learn about Tanks and Troop carriers of different nations, from the Tank Commander with cool tattoos itself, Shelby Bragg.

From his tank… To our studio… Gamology mode on…

“Squad” is a squad-based warfare game. A single match consists of two belligerent factions, each divided among smaller squads that could have a maximum of nine players. Each squad is made up of individual classes selected by the individual players. Available classes include medic, combat engineer, anti-tank specialists, and various types of riflemen. A squad of players is led by one squad leader who can communicate with other allied squad leaders and construct firebases and defensive emplacements like crew-served weapons and sandbags.
00:00 – Intro
01:07 – M1A2 Abrams
05:04 – M2A3 Bradley
07:57 – FV4034 Challenger 2
11:48 – FV432 Bulldog
13:08 – Leopard 2A6M
16:31 – LAV 6.0
18:20 – T-72B3
21:11 – BMP-2
23:29 – Outro
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  1. Is it not the wussyiest thing ever that these two veterans are separated by glass?.. like is that really doing much? 😂

  2. Hybrid drivetrains arent necessarily about going green. They offer a lot of torque and much better efficiency.

  3. Props to Shelby for being on top of his sh*t.

  4. To call the leopard Canadian is just wrong 😅 they also use it because they know it's good. T72 is also not Serbian, it's Russian. They may modify them slightly to their needs but in essence it is still a Russian/German vehicle.

  5. Basically every Russian MBT (Main Battle Tank) uses an Autoloader. That's why there are only 3 people in a Russian tank. It has its upsides and downsides but there is a reason why they kept it even on their new generation tanks and there is a reason why neither the US nor Germany use it. When a Russian tank gets hit it likes to pop the turret of, that is because all the ammo is stored beneath the turret. Other tanks have so called blow out panels, allowing the ammo to sometimes explode and not take the whole tank with them

  6. I love the content guys, but for the love of god can you sync up the footage they are watching to what they are saying. its driving me crazy

  7. "aahh russian vehicles" random italian gesture

  8. Bmp squba equipment is he talking about the dam log

  9. He said that he worked with the german army and called a leopard Canadian

  10. This guys isn't really a tank commander right? That's a joke or something. If he's a tank commander i'm not surprised the US army is getting their ass kicked in pretty much any NATO tank competition.

  11. Sorry but the hair cut of the tank commander makes me lough cause i have 2 scenarios in mind:
    1st: heir get stuck in the commander hatch.
    2nd: plack hair sticking out when hatch is open.

    Kinda doubt the so called Tank commander here, i mean "what is a sabot?" he kinda try to explain it the sabot is actually a cover around the round since the actual kinetic round is agiant dart (APFSDS= Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Descarding Sabot a round usually made of tungsten or depleted urantium) the dart is smaller than the caliber of the gun so the sabot is sorrounding the dart and falls apart after leaving the gun muzzle to release the projectile at speed around 1700ms/s.
    Also gun related question the M1 from the A1 variant on uses the Rheinmetall 120mm/L44 which is in the us produced under license as the M256 if i´m not mistaken, The leopard 2A6 shown here uses the Rheinmetall 120mm/L55 which is alonger version of the L44. The British use 120mm rifled gun on the Challenger 2with 2 piece ammunition and is actually outperformed by the 120mm smoothbore of other nation i wont go here on detail.
    He mentioned 125mm and carefully said mybe british, no the 125mm on the russain tanks as he says on the T-72 but he mentioned you can hear the loader okay that can be bit wague if means the Autoloader or a human loader since the last russain tank with a dedicated human loader was the T-62 and from that up a Autoloader replaced the Human loader in the ruassian MBTs.

  12. The stolen tank story reminded of a gentleman in my home state of Virginia. Im 2018 he stole an APC from Fort Pickett and took it for a ride. He drove down Broad Street in Henrico County and even went into the city of Richmond. All together it was a 60 mile pursuit from Blacksburg to Richmond and the police had no real option other than to follow him and wait for him to give up or run out of gas.

    To my knowledge he didn't hurt anyone and didn't damage any property. He was a former serviceman who was under the influence. If I'm not mistaken, he's actually a free man now.

  13. Obviously this guy's never played Rust.
    "TC" stands for "Tool Cabinet", bro.🤣
    Same concept though.
    The TC in Rust is the most important thing in your base, just as the tank commander would be the most important thing in a tank.

  14. That small sheet of Plexi is doing God's work against the Coofer. Great Virtue Signal.

  15. Yeah, that plastic shield is gonna work wonders

  16. BF5 dont matter how good you are in a tank or a soldier Hackers we see you bro Bang
    on a good day in a Tank sit near a supply depot and shoot at the next map flag get a few hits in

  17. You misspelled it and pronounced it wrong it's not M1A2 Abrams It's the M1A2 Freebrams or Muh Freebrams

  18. This guy does not know what jet engine means…

  19. feel like the editing could have been better.

  20. The Reason why the Abrams has to protect his Fuel so much is because you Yanks where stupid enough to put a Jet Engine in your Tank. The Others use Diesel – Which is not so flamable as Jet Fuel when hit – It just runs out and may stink for as while. Americans – Yeahmate! Also the Diesel Tanks won't have to carry so much Fuel because Jet Engines burn alot more of their Fuel (as seen in Iraq when whole Tank Platoons had to wait for the Fuel Trucks to catch up to them) while Diesel is more efficient. Also you can get Diesel at every Fuel Station you may cross or even can take it from disabled Diesel driven Vehicles like Trucks etc. The Germans even can use different Fuel in their Leopard's! Oh, did I not mention how fucking loud a Abrams is compared to a CHallenger 2 or Leopard 2? You can hear that Jet Whistling from Miles away – Giving the Enemy a very good indication that a Abrams is close.

  21. Literal fake Green beret. Let’s see the ERB/SRB. And on top of it all a massive POG as a “tank commander” who has never took his shit into combat. This channel is so ass backwards it’s annoying.

  22. "try to move 65 tons on tires, that's a special tire" had me ded rolling on the floor lol.

  23. Who edited this, the clips are so mismatched to what they're talking about

  24. You can tell he's been trained to know how things work, but not why they work lol


  26. one flaw with the abrams is the massive trap shot that it has due to the drivers hatch needing to be accessible.

  27. That was in San Diego not LA. Was stolen from the National Guard Amory a few miles down the freeway from Miramar.

  28. Tankies who's best experience is in warthunder mad that the actual 19k gamology host got some things wrong

  29. Nothing like a man that knows his weapon system. Even better is a guy named after his base, presumably.

  30. I haven’t played squad yet but imagine if there’s sappers and they use the ABV. Former 12B here

  31. Now we need the commander in chief himself, Joe Biden, to react to Vladimir Putin's campaign in Ukraine

  32. The Leopard is a german Tank used by Germany and and Canada

  33. it was san diego wer the dude stole the tank

  34. correction the M1A2 Abrams use a Honeywell AGT1500 multi-fuel turbine engine

  35. 1. The challenger 2 has internal fuel cells the barrels on the back are optional. We tend use the drums for storing kit. 2. If the fuel drum is hit, it’s diesel so won’t go boom.

  36. So the challenger can carry fuel on the back because their engine uses Diesel as opposed to jet fuel like the Abrams. Diesel is not very flammable and can actually be used to absorb the energy of a round that hits it. The russian BMP's use the same design by having fuel tanks in the rear-crew doors, which on the face of it sounds really stupid, however as they use diesel it actually adds to the ability of the tank to absorb the energy of rounds. Especially small-arms rounds. But most of the time the drums on the back are used to carry crew supplies/water/food/kit, just if the extra fuel was needed it wouldn't be much added risk, in fact probably quite the opposite.

  37. Ahhh Russian tanks. Yeah that snorkel is really earning its keep in Ukraine! Might be great for breathing underwater but its shit for dealing with drone strike or infantry delivered Surprise!

  38. TC seems like a guy who remains calm under pressure and is able to remember important knowledge and make key decisions in the heat of battle. Also cool tats and just seems like a guy I'd genuinely want to chill with.

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