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Tank Commander Plays ROBLOX TANK GAME

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What happens when an actual tank commander plays with tanks on Roblox? Let’s find out with Steel Titans on Roblox!

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  1. panzer you should play tamnk it's like warthunder but you can make your own tanks (edit) it's a game on roblox

  2. Dude, build a boat
    I made a tank
    Love building tanks in that game

  3. Seems like real life tank experience pays off, even in games.

  4. I LOVE steel titans i cant stop playing it

  5. You should try cursed tank simulators from all the tank game that I test on roblox this one is the best because of a funny feature 😉. But don’t speak about war thunder in the chat.

  6. Try multi crew tank combat 4 on roblox, they got a new update

  7. I strongly recommend you try cursed tank simulator

  8. If you like this you should try cursed tank simulator it’s more arcadey but very fun and you can assemble your own tank.

  9. Ive played steel titans a lot. And i got most of the tanks except the new ones

  10. Recommend MTC, is a multicrew semi-Sim Roblox tank game

  11. hahaha funny suspension go brrrt

    boy oh boy I hope he doesn't play tankery

  12. Next play multi crew tank game as rather then controlling the tank you get to control your character as a crew member and operate the tank with other players

  13. Next play multi crew tank game as rather then controlling the tank you get to control your character as a crew member and operate the tank with other players

  14. The reason why you couldnt pen the 38t was because it was an Ausf. F with 50mm of frontal armor.
    Also what I love about this game is that it highly rewards you for Knowing where ammoracks are.

  15. Nice combination between WOT and warthunder

  16. Will you think of playing he’ll let loose?

  17. the mid 2022 version of steel titans was way superior than the newer late 2022-2023 version

  18. ahh the game where stugs violently shaking,i play it sometimes

  19. Theres another game to try, Tanmk cursed tank simulator.

    Its like sproket but you have pre defined tanks builds, you can mix between turrets guns and hulls of any type

  20. You should play multi tank crew simulator, it's my favorite roblox tank game because you operate one tank with other people

  21. If you started playing this and waited til like halfway through the video to mention this was a ROBLOX game I would have flipped my shit. The devs did so well on this, i never wouldve known.

  22. i think the health is like crew health because there seems to be damage models and shrapnel

  23. if someone were to tell me this was roblox I would call them a wack job

  24. there is a game on roblox called cursed tank simulator he is like a war thunder you would like.

  25. I recommend Tankery (for a more Roblox-y version of this game) and Cursed Tank Simulator (for a Roblox-y War Thunder/Sprocket hybrid.)

  26. Do you have friends? If so, you should play Multicrew Tank Combat 4! All the positions in tanks require an individual player and you'll need at least 1 driver, 1 gunner and a loader. The game also features other vehicles such as scout cars and MLRS systems.

  27. This is crappy war thunder and wot combined with hp and play style

  28. Oki so Hetzer wasn't made right in the same chassis of a 38 but they used a lot of parts that were made for the 38 as they built it and would modify the chassy if I remember correctly.

  29. Try out MTC4 a friend of mine suggested it and it is quite good

  30. Another good game is cursed tank simulator, you can use/ combine different turrets, hills, and guns and it's also got a pretty good damage system.


  32. Please play Tanmk.(Cursed Tank Simulator) It’s my favroite tank game.

  33. Please play cursed tank simulator next-
    one of the devs is singaporean-

  34. Multicrew Tank Combat is another good roblox game because you need actual players to operate a tank it has pen simulation as well it has cold war and WWII era tanks i think it would be cool to check it out (btw i reccommend that you play with friends because majority of players in the game are pretty dumb tbh)

  35. Neat fact about steel titans, alpha testers for the game, like me, have the Mark V, albeit its in the german tech tree for whatever reason

  36. I do Recommend you Play
    NEW E.R.A. Tanmk Simulator
    where you can Customize your own Personal Tank using any parts of different tanks

  37. Steel titans is a rip off of war thunder XD

  38. tip on this game, DO NOT USE ANY SORT OF HE SHELLS same with FRAG. the game goes by penetration, it doesn't have overpressure and such mechanics as of yet so they are useless aside for taking out tracks and barrels nothing more aside for destroying ZIS or PanzerJagers with paper thin armor

  39. Multi Tank Crew is another good one however not everyone in it is uhh intelligent

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