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Tank Commander Plays ACTUALLY GOOD MOBILE TANK GAMES?! (kind of)

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Are these mobile tank games actually awesome?! Or are they also terrible? Let’s find out. Actual Tank commander plays mobile games…. again!

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  1. Modern warships, and clash of panzer are one of my favorite games

  2. Well i played clash of panzer and i have mixed feelings about it, on the one hand, few tanks are behind a paywall, and the helicopter physics are just weird, and it's pretty much plagued with lootboxes, i recommend Armored aces for the modern era tank game

  3. Another good mobile tank game Is called Poly Tank 2. It is against mainly bots and you can created your own team, and the enemy team's tank selection. It also has a mixed tank era, containing WW2 tanks and the Cold War Tank. Anyways, I hope you try this fun game and tha k you for your hard work!

  4. Play tank physics mobile, basically you don't go into active combat, but it does have good graphics and suspension.

  5. I actually have a very high level account for MW so I could give it to you so you can try some big bois

  6. Try panzer platoon : DE if you can, but hey I have great New about the modern warships, it will have tank, idk when tho

  7. Try Tank company or World of Tanks blitz

  8. Hey, could you check out Tank Company? They recently launched and they have amazing graphics and are the biggest competitor for mobile tank games now 🙂

  9. you should try panzer war DE its like war thunder but for mobile devices

  10. You should play Multicrew Tank Combat 4 on Roblox

  11. How long have you played Road to Valor? I have played since it was just Germany and America

  12. You have 4 factions, USA, Germany, Ostheer and the Soviet Union. Obviously each faction has their own set of specials like I will use Ostheer and Soviets for example. One of the Soviet tactics has an IS-2 and one of the Ostheer tactics has a Tiger 2. The IS-2 is called "Stalin's Iron Fist" and the Tiger 2 if I remember is called "almighty Tiger" but be careful because the Reich has the Sabotage doctrine which has a skill that allows them to use what you use so you could possibly get an IS-2 deployed against you and they aren't even Russian

  13. Modern warships are one of THE MOST if not THE BEST ship mobike game better than wow mobile. (Btw they are addding a tank mode )

  14. Cherry picking is the only way to get good mobile games.

  15. I have a suggestion of another Naval mobile game called warship fleet command

  16. Why is noone talking about the actual good tank games?

    Like world of tanks blitz and tank company (those games get u to grind to get more tanks so it might take a while)

    World of tanks blitz has USSR,USA,(NAZI)GERMANY,JAPAN,CHINA,EU,FRANCE AND UK my fav tank is E100

  17. Oh my lord this guy actually played the game I like, Road of Valor.

  18. You should try panzer war, it is a strategy or just straight brawl game , with many tanks thought mainly ww2 but some cold war and modern, and overall it's fun

  19. yoooo panzer I recommend checking out panzer war by shanghai windy, it's a very decent indie game

  20. One great thing about Clash of Panzer is that you can use turrets (and good environment and far enough range) to shoot down helicopters. Oh, and you can use rockets to shoot them too.
    Also, the most realistic part of Modern Warships is that you have to be good at aiming ship turrets to actually hit the enemy ships. Also, you can dodge missiles locked to your heli (or fighter/strike fighter).

  21. Hey friend play tank Company pls

  22. The ship you played is a Littoral Combat Ship hence the name LCS

  23. U should play this tank game on Roblox called curse tank simulator

  24. Theres a game that is kinda slow paced and grndy but lots of fun called Panzer Platoon, its not really under development anymore from what i can tell but it is still very nice

  25. I'm surprised you didn't try World of Tanks blitz.

  26. Play Panzer war de is basically war thunder but with sprocket

  27. Play Panzer War, it's a pretty good game with a built in mod downloader.

  28. another mobile game you could try is Tank Company ( a combo of wot and war thunder, has the mechanics of wot but has also tanks that are seen in war thunder)

  29. Still managed to miss wotb and tank company, hands down the two best mobile tank games

  30. the heli have it own ai so u dont need to accually use it

  31. Bro, you should try tanktastic, it's a very good copy of World Of Tanks Blitz for 400-ish MB to download 😀👍

  32. For road to valor you can tap on the troop card and then drag from any available depot point to send units across sides

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