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About Game
Ultimate tank battle: hill climbing tank racing.
Welcome to the world of tanks battle arena where you can use your tank hero to explore unique hill climbing.
Unlike other tank games, Tank War Battle is the real wot blitz tank battle.
Defeat enemy combat vehicles and be the last one standing in hill of battle steel.
Start an epic battle of hill climb tank racing by downloading one of the best tank shooting games right away. It’s time to show off your military prowess!
Want more? No problem!
Machine guns, cannons, catapults, tank guns, plasma cannons, and more weapons are available in free-to-play funny tanks.

The best addictive physics leviathan funny tanks and shooting games merge in Tanks War Battle have the best shooting games, it’s different from the normal tank io games. Pocket tanks combat will take place in a variety of diverse and unique arenas.
In the merge tanks battle, you will be free-to-play many special environments such as unique hill climbing, hill climb, hills of wot blitz steel.

🌋 FIRE! – Shoot addictive physics based weapon bullets!
🔓 UNLOCKED! – Experiment with all of leviathan, tank stars, tank hero, pocket tanks and tank wars!
💪 UPGRADE! – Increase speed, damage and armor of tank stars to cross the hill climb battlefield racing!
🗺️ OFFER! – Roll the wheel and collect loot!
🕹️ ARCADE! – Fight against waves world of tanks and bosses in tank wars mode!
🌎 EVENTS! – Enter the weekly army tank io games challenge for rewards!
🏅 RANK UP! – What are the requirements for becoming a legendary champion?
🏆 LEADERBOARDS! – Complete the Tank Games for the best results!

Command your TANK and dominate the battlefield! Play the ultimate hill climb tank game now!


  1. The homeanimation dora have super shell

  2. Hey l have the my gem is lots gem l hack my friend hack that ahahha your ar not rich

  3. io hackerato il gioco che sono più forte di te perché io ce li ho tutti al massimo e tutti modificati

  4. Hola Can you find the enemy who will be brutally killed by me?

  5. Anyone got the code for the Halloween tank?

  6. У меня все пропало 😢

  7. Btw way if you want to see real videos than go to home animation

  8. also the mod for the money and the gems pls

  9. Dora is the powerful tank in home animation but Dora Have a eyes to see
    If Dora Don't have eyes she cant fire at a PERFECT angle

  10. That ain't dora and that ain't a Girl that is Big betha Because That's a Boy

  11. Mükemmel oyun beğendim aga indirecek sanki

  12. how did you got so much jems tell me plss

  13. primary attack fires a nuke that does a lot of damage

  14. super attack creates a shield that protects her from damage

  15. I played you in Hill of steel 2v2 mode 👉 D.A.N.I.E.L 👈😉

  16. malk zozo rima Gaming gg AB e9 111 uwucutesingIe says:

    طيب انا في ماب البيوت في البيت من اول مره اشوف بنت تبص لورا ايوه بس انتي مو ا

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