TANK CHAOS! Chinese ZTZ-99 Tanks Battle T-72 Platoon in the Desert | Eye in the Sky Squad Gameplay - panicarts.com

TANK CHAOS! Chinese ZTZ-99 Tanks Battle T-72 Platoon in the Desert | Eye in the Sky Squad Gameplay

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I love tanks. And I love tank maps. Mutaha Tanks V1 is a wonderful breath of fresh air in Squad and these round did NOT disappoint! Huge tank fights, great infantry plays, good comms… you just can’t ask for more! Enjoy!

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stephen roberts

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  1. Is like world war 2 tanks fight. My brother was a pla type 99a2 tank driver. We watching this video together and he said its totally wrong way to fight modern tanks this way.

  2. 24:30 Tank gets tracked on the right side but the gunner looks to the left…SMFH!!

  3. 33:00 why the fuck is the other tank retreating? 3v2 would easily win this fight!

    Squad 7 were the real MVP of this match!!

  4. Those dudes went flying from that tank lmao 🤣

  5. 🥵 I got fking PTSD just watching this.

  6. sadly in WT,ZTZ99A is a shit that easily killed ,bombed,oil explode.

  7. Александр Мирзахмедов says:

    What is this game, please?

  8. Yooooooo im Famous mom!!!!!!!!!!!! @BigOunce ztzs ftw

  9. Every time I see folks in games just park the tanks and shoot with no scoot I want to yell at someone.

  10. писец вояки, стоят на холмах на прострелах, че за бестолочи

  11. awesome game bro, i am new here. what is the name of this game? How can i install it, thanks

  12. So… They didn't add the auto laser retaliation devices on ZTZ-99 into the game?

  13. lmao those controlling the tanks for the pla team squad are truly bad ngl

  14. so thats the true…it started a couple years ago….owners of game server received order from above if they want to continue with their work they MUST MAKE WESTERN MILITARY HARDWARE INSIDE GAME SEVERAL TIMES STRONGER THAN RUSSIAN OR CHINA SIDE…..here we can nice see its eactly that crap…..so sad and dirty ….

  15. Man, I love the tank on tank battles in the desert, way cooler than the infantry fights

  16. Amazing caster, though I'm thinking a ww2 mod with reduced range, closer combat be more fun to play and watch. This is too realistic where the enemy is so far away. Would it be fun to do the 4 shermin tanks vs 1 tiger close combat? There's a vid on it in youtube (movie clip).

  17. wow !!! what is the name of the game ????????

  18. Z99 is a tank comparable to Leopard 2 or M1A2, compared to T72? just kidding?

  19. It looks beautiful, only the fragments flying off from the equipment look monotonous. It is better to make them three times smaller, but let them be real pieces.

  20. Are these like private servers or somethin idk never played squads before

  21. If war was a football match, you would be a great commentator for it.

  22. Скажите пожалуйста ето игра? Название игра Скажите пожалуйста

  23. ما إسم هذه اللعبة؟
    what name the game ???

  24. classy russian tanks xD going off like firecrackers lol

  25. This is how World of Tanks could look like if Wargaming actually gave a s*it.

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