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Tank Building Game Lets Me Build The Deadliest Wedge! – Sprocket First Look

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Welcome to a first look at Sprocket, a tank designing and testing game! In this video, I attempt to design the perfect Wedge Gang tank! One again wedges show their superiority by being the ideal shape to deflect incoming tank shells!

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About the game:
Design tanks in a dedicated and intuitive designer, allowing the realistic armour mechanics that make tank combat so unique. Explore tank design’s challenges through WW1, the interwar period and the early, mid and late stages of WW2.

Hull & Turret Shape Design
Easy to use and flexible enough to give you endless design starting points. Drag on a face or edge to move it. Bigger compartments create more internal space but have more surface to armour.
Well angled shapes may bounce incoming shells off entirely, leaving only a scratch and several ringing ears.

Armour Design
Set the thickness of each armour plate, allowing you to block shots from your foes. Though the weight and space used adds up!

Cannon Design
Build a gun capable of piercing enemy armour. You’ll need enough space and force to rotate it. Make sure you save enough room for ammo!

Crew Design
Humans are light but large and quite essential, squeeze them in and assign them one or more roles. Cramped and overworked crew perform poorly.

Attached Parts
Add functional and decorative parts to the exterior of your vehicle. These can define where internals are e.g. the engine is positioned where you place your exhausts and vents, then gets hit if a shell pierces your armour in that area. Place a fuel port in front of the driver and the fuel tank just might absorb a projectile, saving their life – if it doesn’t ignite…

Track Design
Focus your tracks and suspension on trench crossing, mountain climbing, going fast or just looking cool.

Engine Design
Design anything from ship engines to lawnmower engines in a basic powerplant designer.

Fuel Tank Design
Set your fuel capacity and tank locations. Even bring them outside of the vehicle – if you don’t mind them being shot off every now and then.

Transmission Design
Design your ratios – make it faster backwards than forwards or give it a 1st gear that can climb any mountain. One of these on each track will let one side drive while the other reverses, turning on the spot.

Internal Component Health
No hit-points. Vehicles carry on the fight as long as their critical internals are still functioning.

Full Powertrain Simulation
Engines, transmissions & tracks work together to move your tank with a realistic simulation, making vehicles feel like the real thing.

Battle in a range of environments with a team of your custom tanks, although make your design too expensive and you might be on your own. If your vehicle is destroyed, you carry on the fight in control of an ally – sometimes watching your previous self go up in flames.

Steam page:


  1. So as some have said, the lower half of the tank is usually the spot you shoot. If you fire at the turret, make sure to shoot it in the side. A lot of tanks will be really protected on the front of both turret, and chassis. However, wedges in tank designs are quite superb. Ha suck on that Churchill!
    Also pet peeve, but most call treads>tracks. I may just be nitpicking. If you like big guns, check out the German heavy tanks and any tank destroyer.

  2. isn't it possible to increase the number of tanks you have on your side

  3. War thunder teaches how to play this game

  4. The tank that srapman created kinda looks like a stridsvagn

  5. Scrapman's tank is the most futuristic but also the most non futuristic or smth

  6. Come on dude when you kill them there is a notification at your top right…dont shoot 3 times a dead target

  7. the less wheight of your tank the more tanks you get on your side

  8. this video just shows that scrapman dusnt really know mutch about tank combat but like that matters just haveing fun is alot better than knowing everything

  9. As the scrapman community we want to see you try to make a tank with multiple turrets 😀

  10. (day 83 of asking scrapman to use my multiplayer Monday idea) who can build the best survival base there will be 3 level of difficulty the first level 1 your survival base has to survive 5 greenbot level 2 your survival base has to survive 10 heybot level 3 your survival base has to survive farmbot
    [ you can customise this idea how ever you like my favourite youtuber🙂

  11. The thicker armour the slower but more protected

  12. I wish theyd build this into a full multiplayer game think if you could have world of tanks but ALL custom designed itd be epic!!

  13. Freely to create but limited by actions of use
    -Scrapman 2021
    Most informative saying ever

  14. I definitely want to see a lot more of this game. Hopefully we see a whole bunch and maybe it sticks around permanently. Go scrap man!

  15. tip-the big red x is where your shot goes

  16. Scrapman:
    only shoots at the turret
    Me, a wot player:
    "just shoot at the lower front armor"
    me having fainth that he can learn
    proceeds to shoot at the turret again
    Me : confused wot noises

  17. Scrap man the turret is the strongest part of a tank the back, belly, and sides are the weikest spot on the hull rarely on the turret will you give damage

  18. M1A2: u shur abowt thæt?

  19. Small crash course for Scrapman. Sponsons are the part of a vehicle that overhang the wheels or treads but don't continue down to the bottom of the chassis/hull. Most weak spots on tanks in this game are the flattest surfaces you can get, the rear, the lower glacis (front of the vehicle), any kind of hatch, and the turret ring. That being said, your design has a huge flaw in it. You have a huge amount of turret ring exposed. The turret ring is literally where the turret is connected to the hull of the tank and where the gunner, loader, and tank commander are usually sitting. Meaning you let something sneak in there, you have a lot of dead things. Hatches are literally holes cut into the entire solid piece of metal that is the tank. So if you have any hatches put them where they can't be hit so easily like the top of your turret.

    But aim for any hatches, as perfectly flat as you can get at the moment areas, the lower glacis as tanks crest over hills, and the rear if you're able to get around tanks. The turret ring is more of a gamble since most of the time it's going to bounce off some other armor instead of sneaking in. Another sneaky tactic if the terrain allows for it is shooting at the deck (roof of the hull). Most decks have minimal armor, so getting a round in even at 50 or so degrees should work if you have enough penetration potential from your gun.

  20. Sooo when is Reid Captain gonna make an engine in this game?

  21. instead of making the vehicle longer so the back could be a wedge, you could also move the turret forwards a bit

  22. hey scrapman did you know I got a world of tanks ad cause maybe this is a tank related video

  23. tip number don't know but make you tank less big it well give you more tanks to help you have fun

  24. Scrapman messes up the intro and forgets English

  25. Your videos are the only things that keep me going.

  26. Is it just me or is the tank just looking kinda T H I C C


  28. This game looks pretty cool! A few basic pointers from a War Thunder player on tank combat.

    1. You're right on angled armor deflecting shots. The armor color in this game looks to take the same color rating as War Thunder. The redder a section is, the better the armor rating you have. If it's bright green, you're flat in that area or have tissue paper for armor.

    2. When in a fight, try and look for the view slots in the enemy tank, and aim there. You were on the right track about shooting treads (called tracking) and aiming for the turret ring. However, taking out the enemy crew would be much more effective. Think of the viewpoints as a little target for you to aim at. The priority of targets are (in order): Driver, gunner(s), then commander.

    3. More armor doesn't necessarily mean a better tank, unless you're enemy has a peashooter for a cannon. You want to have a light weight frame to be able to out maneuver your opponent and be able to aim at his weak spots before he can aim at yours. A small and lightweight tank that can run circles around a target can sometimes be just as effective as a large, heavy tank with thick armor. Just make sure you have a cannon that can punch through their armor.

    I may have to follow this game. It looks like a DIY version of War Thunder and World of Tanks.

  29. The best tank is an "S tank" no turret, low height, low weight and space for some serious slopes. i have completed every senario with this design with ease.
    and ill stand by it being the superor design till the day i die.
    also when you kill someone its says so to you up in the right corner. "you x very evil tank" or if you die "very evil tank x you"

  30. The ammo settings is for how shells you want in the turret or the hull he is high explosive ap is armor penetrating and obviously add the two together and you have APHE

  31. is it just me or is that tank looking kinda THICC

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