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Tank Building Game Lets Me Build The Deadliest Wedge! – Sprocket First Look

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Welcome to a first look at Sprocket, a tank designing and testing game! In this video, I attempt to design the perfect Wedge Gang tank! One again wedges show their superiority by being the ideal shape to deflect incoming tank shells!

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About the game:
Design tanks in a dedicated and intuitive designer, allowing the realistic armour mechanics that make tank combat so unique. Explore tank design’s challenges through WW1, the interwar period and the early, mid and late stages of WW2.

Hull & Turret Shape Design
Easy to use and flexible enough to give you endless design starting points. Drag on a face or edge to move it. Bigger compartments create more internal space but have more surface to armour.
Well angled shapes may bounce incoming shells off entirely, leaving only a scratch and several ringing ears.

Armour Design
Set the thickness of each armour plate, allowing you to block shots from your foes. Though the weight and space used adds up!

Cannon Design
Build a gun capable of piercing enemy armour. You’ll need enough space and force to rotate it. Make sure you save enough room for ammo!

Crew Design
Humans are light but large and quite essential, squeeze them in and assign them one or more roles. Cramped and overworked crew perform poorly.

Attached Parts
Add functional and decorative parts to the exterior of your vehicle. These can define where internals are e.g. the engine is positioned where you place your exhausts and vents, then gets hit if a shell pierces your armour in that area. Place a fuel port in front of the driver and the fuel tank just might absorb a projectile, saving their life – if it doesn’t ignite…

Track Design
Focus your tracks and suspension on trench crossing, mountain climbing, going fast or just looking cool.

Engine Design
Design anything from ship engines to lawnmower engines in a basic powerplant designer.

Fuel Tank Design
Set your fuel capacity and tank locations. Even bring them outside of the vehicle – if you don’t mind them being shot off every now and then.

Transmission Design
Design your ratios – make it faster backwards than forwards or give it a 1st gear that can climb any mountain. One of these on each track will let one side drive while the other reverses, turning on the spot.

Internal Component Health
No hit-points. Vehicles carry on the fight as long as their critical internals are still functioning.

Full Powertrain Simulation
Engines, transmissions & tracks work together to move your tank with a realistic simulation, making vehicles feel like the real thing.

Battle in a range of environments with a team of your custom tanks, although make your design too expensive and you might be on your own. If your vehicle is destroyed, you carry on the fight in control of an ally – sometimes watching your previous self go up in flames.

Steam page:


  1. tried and true, this was a design i made a month ago, or very close to it, i called it the Diamond Class Heavy Tank. Maximum armor, nothing got through the front 1500 effective mm of armor.

  2. There needs to be an official wedge gang theme song

  3. So the only weakness for that tank is being attacked from the back, and maybe sides

  4. APHE is what I'm guessing is to be a high explosive round.

  5. i feel like if you haven't played games like war thunder a lot of people don't understand very well that the caliber dosent help your penetration like the sherman usually had a 75 mm gun and it stil had a lot of penetration and the shell length improves velocity and penetration because it travels faster.

    great vid tho.

  6. (I dont own this account, im the son of the owner) reduce your reload speed by adding more reloaders

  7. None of these newer games will have the same charm as Terra Tech. (This game is good tho)

  8. ttttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeee wwwwweeeeeeedddddgggggggeeeeeeeee

  9. SCRAP MAN PLEASE READ, sorry I like engines and mechanics so I'm going to attempt to help but, displacement is basically how much space your engine displaces. the bigger the engine the more power but the more inefficient generally. The more cylinders the more power you will have at one time and the smoother it will feel when running. PLUS a bunch of other stuff that just has a bunch of fine tuning involved but yes
    You want massive engine for that tank

  10. Your tank concept is good but beware that certain tank ammo beats sloped armor.

  11. dude you can make a tank destroyer thicken the turret bigger caliber and wedge body design dude i recomend this

  12. scrap man the super tank ammo refletor

  13. 2:13

    having steeper angles also increases the effective thickness of the armour. because its angles it has to pass through more armour.

    im pretty sure it also takes more energy to penetrate angled armour but i am not sure

  14. just make shell length smol and highest cal and insta kills

  15. Do we have amor
    Scrapman: Yes
    do you use it
    Scrapman: No

  16. 16:58 the reason why is because the shells are bouncing off you

  17. If you get a high caliber it would probably be quicker.

    If you get a super high caliber you can 1 shot everything and just tank their shots while you reload instead of spending 3 shots guessing

    Well I think that's how it works

  18. to bad you cant add side sponsons like the ww1 tanks… or the landraider

  19. Who would have thought that getting a mobility kill by hitting tracks would have not affected the fighting ability of the fighting compartment.

  20. Actually, the glacis, which are the angled plating on the tank, maximize the armor thickness.

  21. You can see In the top left right corner if you killed a tank

  22. This game lacks adequate HE rounds.

  23. him puts all the weaknesses armor settings on

  24. Tip: go for the sides of tanks, they are much less armored then the front

  25. for armor, red is very great, it means your tonk is stronk

  26. Batmobile meets tank
    Isn’t that just the majority of live action batmobile’s

  27. Not sure if this game simulates weakspots, but I wouldn't think this is based on a health/HP pool system. If it's a fairly realistic game then you would have to aim for weakspots such as viewports, machine gun ports, fuel tanks etc rather than just hitting the tank in general.

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