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Tank Boss Battle 3

Lost Marbles
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A team of 8 small tanks are attempting to battle against a super boss tank! Who will win?

– Each player is represented by a marble which will determine which abilities are used.
– Bullets that collide in mid-air will destroy each other.
– Boss gets more marbles as its health is reduced.
– Whenever a player is eliminated, their marbles are given to the remaining allies.

Team 1 – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta and Purple
Team 2 – Boss (White)

Which team will win? Which colours will survive?

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Song: Jnathyn – Dioma [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
Song: Clarx – Zig Zag [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds

Tank sprites by Ragewortt –
Dirt sprite downloaded from Craftpix –
Explosion and missile effects by Swift Games –


  1. I suggest you call the big tank OGRE, as in the old tabletop game…

  2. A experiencia do Boss mostra porque ele é um Boss, um verdadeiro veterano de guerra, não só tem um leque de diversidade, como sabe usa-las na sua potencia máxima, a toda velocidade, ao ataque…

  3. Green just left to 1v1 one of the minions 💀💀

  4. Боссяра в конце камбекнул, танчиками насрал))

  5. I really enjoyed this 1, the boss tank's rage was definitely felt here lol, that string of just Rapid-fire bullet storms and the minion armored division made this fight nuts! Keep up the good work man!

  6. Bunları nasıl yapıyorsun 😅 Citten videolarin çok iyi bende böyle oyunlar oynamak istiyorum 😢

  7. Great video! The tracks at the end reveals how it all unfolded 😛

  8. I’m so early also you know it’s a good day when lost marble posts😊

  9. 8 rainbow tanks (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, magenta)
    boss tank (white), which team will win?

  10. Video idea:
    do the marble war like in the last video in Europe
    8 biggest countries in Europe will be participating
    Other countries will be neutral grey outposts
    There also gonna be realistic terrain like the Alps
    have a nice day,

  11. I'm a bit disappointed because it's not marble kingdoms but the video isn't too bad anyway

    temporal anomaly detected in the area, spoiler class

    please be aware

    remember temporal safety procedure #1; wait for anomaly to normalise

    remember temporal safety procedure ; resolve mind by using affirmation "I simply do not care", 1 loop

    big victory for mono gang today

  13. 3:40 I love how green is just… doing its own thing dueling this one spawned tank. keep it off your allies, whoo!

  14. I feel like the players should get a second heal option in their marble plinko (it took me a while to remember what that chamber is called). Still, clutch ending to whoever won!

  15. King White's invasion has just begun…
    Can the Colour Clan prevent his monochrome infection from taking over the planet?

    *… let's find out SOON… *

  16. I got a idea
    So basicly this type of video but like
    With boats,submarines or planes

  17. I think the "spawn tank" option was a little overpowered. Probably a limit on how many can be spawned at a time would help?

  18. Suggestion for the next one: you should add a graph of their damages

  19. Fun video! One thing I'd like to see, for a better viewing experience, maybe instead of "spawn tank" creating a tank permanently that runs off and causes the map to zoom out a ton, it should disappear after some time; perhaps it's constantly losing health so that the tanks shooting at it causes it to disappear faster, but basically make it so that they don't cause you to have to stay zoomed out for a long time. It also makes the "spawn tank" ability feel less overpowered.

    For future tank battles, maybe deployable stationary turrets with HP and shoot at the enemy? Also in the same vein, deployable walls with HP that block projectiles from the enemy, and cause collision damage if an enemy runs into it?

  20. Thank you for making another one!!
    These are my favorite videos from you 🎉

  21. My precious lime did a pretty good job 😊

  22. Could anybody see this as a game? Where you upgrade your mini tanks and change their marble course, changing their weapons and fighting bosses? I really want to play that game now lol

  23. Idea: Birds fighting against Worms

    All birds:

    Grape tit: start weapon, shoots a grape each 1,25 seconds that does 1dmg. Costs 100.

    Pigeon Bomb: unlocks after 10 kills, explodes after 1 second that does 200dmg in a 3×3 area. Costs 150.

    Turkey Block: unlocks after 25 kills, blocks nearby worms, has 750hp. Costs 50.

    Blueberry tit: unlocks after 50 kills, shoots 2 blueberries each 1,25 seconds that do 1dmg each. Costs 175.

    Swallow: unlocks after 75 kills, when is 1,3 blocks away from a worm, it swallows it, then has a recharge for 40 seconds. Costs 125.

    Momma Goose: unlocks after 120 kills, attacks nearby worms with its beak that does 1dmg each 0,2 seconds. Costs 150.

    Berry finch: unlocks after 150 kills, shoots a strawberry each 1 second that does 1dmg but has a 10% chance for it to do 5dmg. Costs 150.

    Swift Wave (Ability): unlocks after 250 kills, summons 3 swifts when placed that do 80dmg each. Costs 500.

    All worms:

    Basic worm: has 10hp, most worms do 1dmg each 0,05 seconds, most worms have a speed of 0,35bps.

    Dirt-Masked worm: has 30hp, mask falls off when lost ⅔ of its hp.

    Stone-Masked worm: has 60hp, mask falls off when lost ⅚ of its hp.

    Sudoku worm: has 30hp, paper falls off when lost ⅔ of its hp. When paper falls off, the worm rages and has a speed of 1bps.

    Necromancer worm: has 30hp, after 15 seconds it spawns 4 Undead worms in an X shape. Each undead worm has the same stats as a basic worm.

    Frozen worm: has 60hp, when broken spawns a Basic worm.

    Caecilian: has 300hp, cannot be eaten by Swallows, when get near a bird, the Caecilian insta-kills the bird.

    Game mechanics: after 2,5 seconds, you gain 25 coins, when a worm goes to the very end you lose. When you kill 500 worms, you win.

  24. I'm rather sad that the orange tank got new ones when it was too late, a good majority of the time he had made good moves with only one marble, but they were tanks already on the verge of death who picked them up :/

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