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Tank biathlon. Individual race: Crew 1 / Division 1. Victory of the Russian tank

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The International Army Games is the largest and most spectacular military-sport world event held between units of the participating countries’ armed forces. Russia, China, Uzbekistan competed in the race. Follow the tank biathlon games on our channel!

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  1. Lol how dumb, all the tanks are russians or russian knockoffs! Put an Abraham’s or merkava in there and will destroy all these tanks

  2. Very cool. I liked seeing tanks painted in bright colors too – never seen that before.

  3. аахахах, когда показывали российскую команду, думал, что показывают узбеков, а когда узбеков – русских :ДД

  4. Really slow to acquire target and fire that would be game over in a real fight

  5. 3 Asiat states playng with tanks 🤣 For war you can push your tanks in ass. 🤣🤣🤣 They have 15 seconds for alive🙊

  6. The algorithm brought me here and I have to say, this is some wildly interesting shit

  7. lol everybody seems crazy but having a good time is always good. whatever floats your boat.
    Honestly i believe we should always battle in such ways.

  8. Обдиратели земли русской. Homeland scrapers.

  9. Do I understand correctly that the Chinese just hit a big shit with a machine gun?

  10. anche i RUSSI hanno la "fobìa" del microbo cinese ???, mi meraviglio di PUTIN, che snobbava il sistema cloaca-sion-farma-bancario-mondialista… !!! Ridimensionerò ogni fiducia e stima nei SUOI CONFRONTI…, GIA' CHE NE E' ANCHE LUI PORTATORE SANO DI QUESTI NEFASTI INDIRIZZI !!! NON CI AVREI MAI CREDUTO SE NON L'AVESSI VISTO CON I MIEI OCCHI !!! ……… quindi anche lui ne è complice della condanna totale verso il mondo libero e sano !!! 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  11. How come Canada or America doesn't have a competition like this for civilian TV to watch and see how effective our forces really are?

  12. i never know if tank can be a race vehicle

  13. I think, this sport is more exciting than watching 11 people chasing a ball 😀

  14. This is almost the same when N.Korea ”won” the olympics soccer gold🤣

  15. girls und panzer brought me here, now this is some good sport right here

  16. Can you imagine being a soldier, out in a conflict area and seeing something that big, barreling down on you at that speed? That is a lot of mass to throwing around as if it was no big deal.

  17. I feel bad for the crew of 369. Xi is not happy.

  18. Would love to see Abrams, Leopards and Merkavas also competing.

  19. Excuse me… but the filming is the worst 💩

  20. Russian ranks are bad ass, would be nice adainst a leopard

  21. This should be in the Olympics instead of these new silly events they have.

  22. Why USA, France, Germany and UK are not taking a part in this sport? Are they scared of a strong competition ? It's called "international" after all….

  23. This event is nothing more than entertainment. It's like a goofy, rehearsed, and choreographed monster truck show, but with tanks instead of trucks. I'm surprised north Korea didn't participate because it looked like the kind of arranged event they peddle. All show. It was fun watching their tanks zoom around the track, and I appreciate the hard work and skills of the soldiers that participated (including the maintainers), but the event itself is a joke compared to the Europe Strong Tank Challenge. After watching both, I am more convinced than ever that the US and NATO armored forces would annihilate the Russians and their friends, including the Chinese. No wonder the Russians want to annex Ukraine – they want a buffer zone.

  24. Remind me Senshado tournament in girls und panzer, the only different is just that they dont shoot each other

  25. These tank "Olympic games" are far more revealing about the training potential of crews than the boring NATO competitions. Even though tank models are used, except in some cases, they are already outdated.

  26. Would be nice if there was a non-harmful shell/round created so that we would see huge tank battles from ww2 era to cold war and present just like GuP

  27. Do you still want to fight with a country where they play catch-up on tanks?

  28. How to combine sports and environmental values

  29. this is how the tank should be used for. just for the race, not the war

  30. the Russians probably have been killed by now in Ukraine by a Javelin rocket…

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