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Tank 1990 (1990, NES; Battle City) – Mode I [1080p]

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[30 Mar 2017] Watch me play this mode in 2 Players and in 1080p60 HD —
Due to the popularity of the original Battle City, it came as no surprise that the “pirate” version of the game are aplenty around the world.

This is a so-called “Tank 1990” version of Battle City; depending on the cartridge, the game usually has up to 14 different “modes” available. Although many are repeats – or if there are differences between the modes – I have not found them out yet (Such as Tank 1990’s Mode I and L)

Some of the more obvious changes include:

– Faster Enemy Spawn
(some versions has up to 6 tanks on screen when playing single player)
– Random Enemy Spawn
(the 20 tanks no longer follow a logistic order – a random tank with different HP/powerup show up adding to the challenge)
– In some versions, the enemy CAN pick up powerups.
(I personally LOVE this feature)
– Player tank start with 1 power up
(Mode H to N only)
– Re-Inclusion of cut powerups
(The “Ship” that allows the tank to travel on water and the “Gun” that boosts the tank to max level)
— Battle City —
01 — (1 Player)
02 — (2 Players)
03 — (Glitch Levels 36~70)
04 — (Glitch Levels 71~127)
05 — (Glitch Levels 128~170)
06 — (Glitch Levels 193~256)
07 — (Unwinnable Level 200)

— Tank 1990 (1 Player) —
Mode H —
Mode I — You are here
Mode J —

— Tank 1990 (2 Players) —
Mode K —
Mode L —
Mode M —
Mode N —

— 255 Tank “Endurance” —
Take 1 —
Take 2 —
Take 3 —
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(12 July 2015, Polish)


  1. This game could get you real frustrated at times. Good times though!

  2. Me and my dad reach stage 300+ with no ending.. And yah its good to say we finish and won the game

  3. Iam searching the cassette for this game for long time. How to get this cassette. There are so many versions of tank. In need exactly the one in video. Can someone please please help

  4. Many of you declares that you miss this game so much. I don't understand why you miss it, instead of just buy a Nintendo or other console, connected with TV or handheld, plus cartridge if needed and begin to play? The cost doesn't seem to be big 😉
    And yes, the game is awesome. Probably in the top 20 of NES games.

  5. This was my “fifa” or “fortnite” back in 99’🥺🥺🥺

  6. If not mistaken, if you ever managed to stay alive while collecting up to few armor upgrades, you can become a heavy tank that can shoot down metal wall.

  7. Thank you for the memories! 🐞 LIKE# 👍 😀 🍀

  8. i thought it was garuda pancasila 😂😂😂

  9. I played with my sister in my childhood. LOL. I was born in 1998.

  10. The most op game i have ever played in my life

  11. Can someone tell me how to change the mode? It's always tank A and I don't know how to change it. I plays it in entertainment systems 620 games

  12. Played this a lot with my younger bro. One time we played so much we lost track of what stage we were at but we never got any ending or anything. Then we had to turn off because the adapter was about to be burnt off. Cheap bootleg console and adapter…

  13. You can create your own stage, good childhood memories

  14. Can someone explain what the letters are at the beginning of the game?

  15. Que hermosos recuerdos de infancia 🤩👍🏼

  16. Been 31 years now and still my favorite childhood game…. remember playing with my grandpa, uncle and cousin… but now they’re all not here anymore…☹️😢

  17. xX_Insert_cool_username_here_Xx (formerly Alexis) says:

    how do i git gud at Tank 1990 because i am playing it with my friends

  18. Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down says:

    It's my favorite game when I was 6 year olds.

  19. Já passei muita raiva jogando esse jogo na minha infância.

  20. I have a version where you can also shoot rockets and blow heavy armored enemies in one shot. The rockets also bounce once on the edge of the field and go to the left if they do not encounter an enemy. You can also pick extra rockets.

    There is also a version in which you can pick up bricks from the field and move them. So you can reinforce your base with concrete.

  21. What is the powerup to destroy jungle tiles??? Do I need two gun upgrades?

  22. Me,my brother and my dad playing this in a family computer

  23. The opening theme song of each Stage…make my memories dazzling😂😁

  24. I remember this game so well however these evels seem way more full then I remember also I dont remember all thsoe different collor tanks either.

    what I remember first levels where wyamore basic

  25. This game had custom maps you could create by yourself. It was way ahead of its time. Imagine the amount of amazing maps people came up with that never got recognized.

  26. My mother and father used to fight because of this game, I miss my dad.

  27. That mini heart attack when the opps almost shoots the bird😭💓

  28. I remember playing this at my cousin's house when I was young. Good memories

  29. I miss that time period, that atmosphere, when parents were alive, friends were close, cousins were reachable, lover were shy, fruits was sweeter, winters were cozy, summers were long, evening tea, family dinner, hope of the future, dreams of success. Now I am an old person sitting with a pain in my back, parents died, friends dispersed, cousins not reachable, lovers gone, fruit got bitter, evening dinner cold… Oh my youth and now time to meet my Creator who will ask me how did you spend you life. Did you help any soul, did you wipe someone's tears, did you feed hungry… Alas I spend so much time in playing video game. I will reach there my home, hereafter life empty-handed alas alas.

  30. Games nonstalgia banget..😓😔 sekarang lewat hv android aja😞, rindu masa lalu.. Sama2 temen temen, dari rumah kerumah,'main nya,…

    Skrng umur gue 28 tahun, sedih rasanya.. Ingat sama temen😞😭

  31. played this so much with my father when i was kid

  32. this game is so nostalgic, i spend so much time with the bootleg console i had

  33. ꧁ʏᴜ̈ᴋɪ̈ᴍᴀ̈rᴏ̃._ᴀ̈ɴɢᴇ̇ʟ ɢ4ᴍᴇsᗀ꧂ says:

    eu sou muito noob nesse jogo kkkkkkkkk

  34. Man this was the first game I played with my dad when I was a kid it brings back a lot of memories the last time I played this game was when I got back from Iraq and found out my dad had died

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