Tabletop Tokens from Geek Tank Games - Let's take a look! -

Tabletop Tokens from Geek Tank Games – Let’s take a look!

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  1. I bought one of each pack and they are awesome. I think they should make a castle wall set tho with destroyed walls on the opposite side.

  2. . . . I'd want a bit more detail in the art, more realistic than overly stylized – but that's just my preference.

  3. $15 is a little steep, but I think it would be a useful product for those using battle maps.

  4. @ 7:52 i think that is supposed to be a top down view of a siege tower. certainly could be used for some sort of cart but given the theme of that token pack my guess is siege tower.

  5. i JUST came across these last night on Kickstarter and was hoping for a review and was glad it was you that did the review. While I like the artwork, I was hoping for a thicker material, approx. 1/4" would have been nice. I think I am going to stay with my dry-erase mat and make 3d scatter terrain.

  6. Not a huge fan of this product. The only use for me would be if I was camping or on a road trip. even then…. That being said All my games take place at my place and I'm a terrain builder. I prefer a realistic look to the cartoony look of these. So if these are for anyone else Roll some dice and rock on! Happy gaming all.

  7. Oh wow for someone that's a d&d guy this stuff is really cool, love the art.

  8. I think that its something that would be more fun to make yourself, if you have time. I would just draw onto a blank mat.

  9. I am kind of into these. If they fix the issues you pointed out, I'd really like them. I gotta admit that the price (while I don't think it's unfair) would probably stop me. The price alone is a bit steep, but with international shipping, 25% tax and the about 30$ fee I'd get from the postal services here, most non-EU stuff is off limits for me. 🙁
    I hope they get popular enough that they hit my LGS, then I might be able to buy them there for a more reasonable price.

  10. These look awesome. I hope it gets funded so they can make more packs.

  11. I pledged for all three sets. I could see where these would be handy for a traveling game where you don't want haul around full 3D terrain. Thanks for the review.

  12. Even though I build tons of terrain and would like to always have appropriate terrain, this product fills a massive void that I was needing for conventions, pick-up games at hobby shops, and even when I travel to GM/DM.  These mix well with my 3D terrain and I'm looking forward to more and more sets from Geek Tank Games.  Great Product & Gaming Accessory!

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