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T-72B3 Russian Main Battle Tank Gameplay (1440p 60FPS) War Thunder No Commentary

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T-72B3 Russian Main Battle Tank Gameplay (1440p 60FPS) War Thunder No Commentary
-No aim, no skill – just fun! 😉

-No Commentary Gaming

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  1. 0:05 Imagine This if WW3 was to happen between Russia & NATO, This is what Europe could look like if the Russians was to Invade the entire Eastern Europe and the funny thing is that if the Russians was to Captured any Western Vehicles at War, it would be the American M1128 Stryker MGS Vehicle 😂💀 I can’t even imagine if the Pro-Russians Militants or The Regular Russian army Was to capture the US Army Stryker MGS against NATO Forces 🤷🏼‍♂️🤔 Very Interesting..

  2. 私もタンクやっていますよ

  3. the realistic battle is when russian tank’s turret flies away after getting just one shot

  4. Supper USSR🔥🔥🔥🇷🇺💪🇷🇺💪🇷🇺💪🇷🇺💪🇷🇺

  5. we need drones to from mortor rounds on the t80

  6. вот в этом и вся хуйня вантундера – едешь полчаса, а потом тебя за секунду валят…

  7. Lâu lắm rồi mới được nghe lại bài này. Hay lắm ạ 😘

  8. Everytime when I'm boring, I will watch justgameplay

  9. Warthunder tank gameplay is very boring compared to the one of Wargaming's World of Tanks.

  10. you show you bright side this is failer after turning the corner

  11. The problem I find with war Thunder is one shot kills on other tanks that are the same tier is not realistic at all in my opinion. World of tanks I would say is more realistic.

  12. If World Of Tanks had the tanks from this game every single one of them along with the tanks in their game itself that would be fantastic that would be my dream tank game. Mainly because the gameplay physics and and destruction is fantastic. In fact if the next World Of Tanks game had the destruction physics from this and had all the tanks from it whiles still having the hit points mechanic from WOT MODERN ARMOUR that would be the best tank game anyone could play I reckon.

  13. finally someone who understands in game graphical settings. too many people think turning every setting to high is what gets you the best looks, but thats not true, bloom, and other settings blur the image. like the 'movie or film' settings in games often look terrible. this looks nice & crisp.

  14. in game strong tank Russia.. but in Ukraina with bazuka kill🤣🤣🤣

  15. to bad its called realistic in this day and age when you know you can stone-rambo russian tanks to death. So it should be name ultraunrealistic instead since it would be more advisable to go to war in your toyota pickup

  16. I mean its not hard when you have 10.7 tank against 9.7 or lower and you have explosive reactive armor

  17. as someone who plays with the lowest graphics settings possible and still gets 20fps this brings tears to my eyes

  18. Those Russian tanks should have their tops blown up into the sky. Slava Ukraine

  19. 𝗘𝗹𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗚𝗮𝗹𝗮𝗿𝗴𝗮 says:

    Funny how in this game the T 90 looks more modern than his real counterparts

  20. This game looks sick!!!

    Edit: I downloaded it and my laptop couldn't run it, this is my dream game 😢

  21. Боже чел удали игру и не позорься 😂

  22. Когда карту Киева добавят ?

  23. Russia wins Russia wins Russia wins Russia wins Russia wins

  24. Не думал, что наша русская игрушка станет популярный и на Западе😯

  25. Ни разу не играл..В этой игре есть Т-64 БМ2 или Объект 187?

  26. Съемки с Донбасса в цвете

  27. Что это за игра?

  28. How long did it take to unlock, and research the tank?

  29. russian tanks are way to OP in this game the devs are russian biased for sure everyone says this butn they wont listen to no one

  30. Weird there was not any airplane to destroy his tank easily!

  31. Ik vindt dat dit fake News niet thuis hoort op YouTube.

  32. 3:36 He got shot twice in his back (softer part of the armour) and keep on fighting. Instaed he needs only One shot to get rid of his enemy. Everytime I play war of thunder It happens to me. Very often I Need so many shots to destroy my enemy, while my tank ( or at least supposed to be) Is a moving coffin, ready to explode as soon as a snowball Is thrown at him. So frustrating! Could somebody explain this mistery to me please? Anybody else has got the same problem?

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