T-62 Hunts Down a Marine AAVP in Fallujah | Squad - panicarts.com

T-62 Hunts Down a Marine AAVP in Fallujah | Squad

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stephen roberts

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  1. (No AAV7 was harmed in the making of this video)

  2. i mean if this game actually had destructible building as it should, he wouldve got away, so many little walls to plow over

  3. That is the weirdest AAVP I’ve ever seen, does anybody know what it is?

  4. I ran a artillery crew in this game for a long time we hit every called out target location super fast. The biggest problem was when the call outs were too slow or just wrong. I think artillery will become a much larger factor when the games start having more players per server.

  5. They should remake the armor in Squad 3 tank shots to destroy AAVP is crazy.

  6. I would watch hours of MilSim Gameplay narrated like a WWE fight 😅

  7. why did the apc survive the first hit?

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