Super Tank Blitz: Global Release| New Tank Games Mobile (Android/Ios)| Game Chế Tạo Xe Tăng -

Super Tank Blitz: Global Release| New Tank Games Mobile (Android/Ios)| Game Chế Tạo Xe Tăng

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=========Welcome To Race Games TV ==============

** Super Tank Blitz: Global Release, New Tank Games Mobile On Mobile (Android/Ios).

** ▶Super Tank Blitz◀
Enjoy exciting real time battles with players from all over the world!

■ Real Time Battle!
Defeat your opponents in real time in 1 vs 1 Death Match!
Win Keys in battle to collect awesome tank parts and upgrade your tanks to make them super strong!

Double the fun in the 2 vs 2 Team Death Match!
Team up with a friend or a random player and take your enemies down!
Enjoy exhilarating battles on a lava-filled volcanic island!

Battle for 120 seconds to determine the victor!

■ Tons of Unique Tanks and Commanders
12 awesome Commanders with their own tanks and skills can’t wait to meet you!

Open boxes to collect guns and weapons and use them to design your own tank.
Show off your creativity in Super Tank Blitz!

■ DIY Tank Building!
Express your creativity and utilize tons of unique parts to build your dream tank!
Share your tanks on the blueprint market and see what other players are building too.
Download other players’ tank designs and take them for a test drive!

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0:00 Welcome To Race Games TV
0:26 Roud 1: Death Match Mode
01:03 Roun 2: Survial Mode Unlocked
01:47 Team Death Match Unlocked
01:56 Round 3: Team Death Match – 2vs2 Tanks Battle In Oilfield
04:25 Continuel Survial Battle
06:35 Continuel Dreamy Meadow
10:05 Thank For Watching And See You Again.

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