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Using self healing, barriers, shouts and health regenerative items and abilities this is the best tanking barbarian diablo 4 build guide playstyle.


  1. Show it in world tier 4 tier 100 dungeon working.Until then, it's a big fat NOPE.

  2. Can we get paragons now please . I’m almost 50

  3. Which skill is for the self healing? or is it an item that helps for that? I had it and it disappeared…and I don't know which one it was…any help? Thanks!

  4. Whsts dose it look like in world tier IV.

  5. I would go frenzy as a basic skill as hit provides to 24 percent damage reduction at max stacks which is only 3for 3 seconds but if you spam the ability, it’s permanent damage reduction

  6. thats cause these monsters are hitting so slow.. if he is surrounded by the hammer guys and they hit same time, he will die.. my 94 thorns can survive many afk attacks but when the hammer guys shows up and decided to all hit same time.. dead.. and they dead too. 16K thorns.. if u have the thorns chest.. you dont have to do anything.. issue is when you get higher in levels, that regen life is not enough.. i see your only lvl 58

  7. Bro how can you get so many unique items on lv 58?

  8. @6:06 I am not sure why you are running an "Injured while Crowd Controller grants Unstoppable" aspect when you unlikely ever going to be Injured status in this build…

  9. サタンによる本当のホラシ says:

    Word tier 3, this video is a joke

  10. This build is again a PoS. It's not for leveling…

  11. Would be nice if you made the video without boots.

  12. dude is recording with bandicam like it's 2004… you know OBS exists, or even windows' build in recording system :Dbtw you need CC breakers…

  13. I built a barbie to play with my sons and be their tank. It's working beautifully so far. Figured I would see if there were any suggestions that I should start working towards, so this video is useful.
    I am still leveling through the campaign, so I have a few dps skills instead of pure tank, but I am planning on Respec'n around 45 so I can get used to pure tank.
    Wish could craft armor, but otherwise really having a good time.

  14. I think frenzy will be good basic skill because you get damage reduction and you also need thorns a lot of thorns .

  15. if it takes longer to explain it than it does to use it for an example.then its not worth it.neat sure useful to troll maybe.

  16. This video shows absolutely nothing, you're not even in t4 and mobs don't become that deadly until mid 80s…. GG on the slowest lvling build ever. Maybe if it was hardcore, but oh man this is hot garbage

  17. Bro David Fucking Ford, that’s fucking hilarious. Hey guys let’s watch David Ford. Lol

  18. you know how confused i was when i got this notif

  19. The Devs look for vids like this to nerf things that are fun. so this will be getting nerfed soon

  20. this build would be amazing if you had thorns for the damage then you could run into enemy group go afk and let them kill themself

  21. Show me a tier 40+ with this build. Then we'll talk.

  22. For someone that just made a video saying how they hate D4 you sure are sucking it off for a lot of trash tier content…. Guess you need to pay for that CP habit somehow….

  23. Congratz its the average barb build at 58 you havent hit Peak tank click bait

  24. yo you should play boneworks its reeeeallly good

  25. lmao, the worst build on the inner webs my guy.

  26. I mean good vid but Bandicam, what year is this.. come on bro

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