Steel Beasts - THE Tank Simulator -

Steel Beasts – THE Tank Simulator

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With the amount of tank games I have been playing I have seen many arguements about which game is more realistic…..well I have decided to squash all of that by showing off the one true king!


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  1. The Graphics aren't that good but other than that I like it.

  2. I don't watch you to see you, its an avenue to see games I didn't know existed! Thanx!

  3. can someone send me a link to this game?

  4. yes try that agains armata or t-80S or t-90 ^^

  5. The first tank is the leopard 1a1
    In service in the brazilian army

  6. love this simulator, i used to play world of tanks before, after a few hours i just got tired of it, i wanted realism, now i got it.

  7. So what your saying is I could drive a tank to the top of a hill in clear view of 10 or more enemy tanks and sit stationary as i fire round after round and just eat shots left, right and center while taking zero evasive action and having no support and not only survive but win? Ive never driven a real tank and certainly not in combat but I highly doubt that is very "realistic".

  8. Your partner sounds like his actually in the tank…

  9. I play a ww2 tank sim game, Steel Beasts looks great, nice vid


  11. Can't wait untill someone makes a game like this with be, and remote hand/foot controls with multiple people crew including loader.

  12. Best tank sim smh obviously hasnt played roblox armored warfare

  13. a high pitched giggling American and an Indian in a tank …. Pfftttt

  14. you got shot from the front. the tank bottom left of your ocular's marks was hiding among the dead ones, his cannon shifted just a little

  15. TheDevildogGamer
    LOL World Of Tanks, is better, shit you got that right world of tank sucks ASS, rather play WAR THUNDER👍🏼 just a question, you Command a whole Crew, or how does that work???

  16. even the T-72B3 cannot detect the enemy so quickly

  17. @24:14 That slight movement of the maingun, ohhh you sneaky basket

  18. The mechanics look amazing, and as real as can be, but do we really have to have graphics that look like they were made in the early 2000's???

  19. How did you obtain this? I tried to find this simulator but the only way to get it is through e sim but they only sell it to military installations. Pls someone tell me how to get this!

  20. Nothing like watching wannabe tankers trying to be bad and think they are all that in a video game. 1st, a real tanker faces front with bow armor facing the enemy, not be broadside!!

  21. I wish somebody would combine this game, arma, and dcs. That would be badass

  22. Why is the captions feature such shit? The words: cluster bomb came up as close balmy? Such rubbish?!

  23. looks like a poorly made free to play game, you got ripped off

  24. Every game that sentence end with simulation thats the best

  25. Americans call them "L A V"
    weird dude. "lav" is so much easier lol

  26. All tank games are the same and better even for pcs

  27. one of th4e problem most tank games make like world of tanks is you get hit once and you're done, tanks can take more than 1 or 2 hits plus its no fun having to respawn all the time if you only get hit once and ur dead

  28. what the fuck is wrong with the enemies in this game lol

  29. Kimi_ F1R Игровой Канал. says:

    Занимательная игра!!! +

  30. wowowowo 150 bucks?????? i got this game in full version from game magazine (gry nr9/2004) and second game on disc was port royale…
    And it was like 50 PLN for whole magazine lmao

  31. Played the demo and it was HARD AS HELL so don’t expect arcade combat.

  32. Modern tanks all look exactly the same I can’t tell them apart

  33. So is it one player per tank? Or do 5 player control one tank?

  34. Was just about to say they train crews on this an also vbs… virtual battle space based on arma3…this is one game I wish I could play but last time 8 looked you can't even get cracked copies as it had usb keys as copy protection

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