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Sprocket’s a cursed tank game and I LOVE it.

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Today we take a quick look at making a Su-100 one of the better tonks out there. Go check out sprocket on steam it’s in early access.

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  1. I made an Su-85M and it looks something like yours

  2. Kinda sad to steal designs in this game, like you can literally design any 8th dimensional nightmare in under an hour

  3. I hope there is a way to make half tracks or armored cars. Things like the Sd.Kfz 222 and Sd.Kfz 234/2/4 are some of my favorite vehicles

  4. I cant wait to recreate that double cannon T-80 or T-90 that was in COD BO2 once they add multi-cannon.

  5. That T26 part is actually the antenna for the radio.

  6. A word of advice, don't cover the new War Thunder update. Please… You're going to hate it as much as I do.

  7. BT7 guy on the sprocket discord has a very good BT7M design if hes fine with it you may want to ask him for tips hes active to

  8. Guys can't you change the midwar Era to late war Era in the sandbox?

  9. Loved the video @Ash! Could you build the BT-7, BT-42, Panzer IV G, and the Cromwell Mk. IV? Also, your tank in this video does actually look like something out of PhlyDaily's Thumbnails of War Thunder videos!

  10. A community vehicles series of videos would be awesome, but keeping it new and fresh would be difficult. Dev seems to be super kickass about getting stuff done, though so the game might do that itself.

  11. I just want to make the Ratte, just to see if it could theoretically work at all

  12. Use a Random number generator for every value 😂

  13. Make a tank that is covered in cupolas. Trust me, it's really funny when you get destroyed. Just cram them on there, with the smallest amount of armor possible! Also, you can head to settings and ignore weight limit. Just guessing you don't have that on already.

  14. Those enemy Tanks look alot like the french Char 2C Bis with German modifications. The Germans used them after invading France and made some modifications to them. 😀

  15. Also external fuel tanks are bullet proof so you don't need armor or internal fuel

  16. I’m really interested in the crew management side of things

  17. The way he sqys yeeeees sounds like jermery clarkson from topgear

  18. Hallo,to be sudden,I built a MBT at the meaning of performance,would you love to try?

    25-ton,400-300mm Front armor and ERA on side

    70kmph and stable enough to firing on the move

    105mm gun (1.0shell-length, 205mm-penetration)

    26round and fast turret with very fast loading


  19. I’m going to make a massive gun with a tank attached to it.

  20. Make a tank with fat wide tracks but a small chassis. Or make a goliath

  21. lol the t-28 cage thing is a radio antenna

  22. ooooooooook that's 5 minutes of my life gone…. could not stand to watch any more.

  23. Has anyone figured out to make the tanks go up hills if you have to stop on one at let's say 15 degree slope or less? I have a pretty good running vehicle but it refuses to go up hills unless Ive gotta good head start.

  24. I had a late war era AMX-13 clone I made and actually did a really good job on it but I tried using it in an interwar scenario and I saved that over the save file

  25. 4:51 I swear that you sound exactly like Jeremy Clarkson right here

    Mainly the "yeees" after you jump the trench 😀

  26. The problem I keep having is run depression speed, anything bigger than a 30mm seems to make my cannon vertical traverse speed be 0.0001 degrees per second, even when i select the largest turret motor and mantlet torque sertting.

  27. Im waiting for someone to recreate the damn badass metal slug tanks and boss

  28. This game is awesome and a dream (rlly good)

  29. "let's avoid talking about real life depression" idfk why but that hit me hard lol

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