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#shorts Tank Gunner Sniper (Oculus Quest 2) Pavlov Shack VR

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Pavlov Shack VR has recently gotten some substantial upgrades. The vehicle driving is still terrible(in an ATV or Truck physics can fuck off) but the tank is just… a tank… its slow and methodical… so it somehow works. We can see our character models and carry equipment among other quality of life updates; the game just feels gooooooooood now.


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  1. how do you guys get tanks? no matter what I can’t get them

  2. i have a question: i still remember it playing and last time the main gun had sights? did they actually remove that???

  3. Man I love playing tank battle, Honestly probably one of my favourite parts of Pavlov. I’m joining the military this year and I don’t know if I wanna do artillery, combat engineer or tank mechanic

  4. Play the RC version of Shack, the tank actually gets a sight which you can zoom in with and considering this video, it's perfect for you.

  5. Fields of France map! Very good!

  6. Shooting the tank is the easiest thing now because they added zooming in now you just basically zoom in and shoot I'm fast at reloading and great at driving I don't like being the machine gunner lol

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